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    Energiewacht Tour '15: Etappe 2

    First aired: Friday, 10 April 2015 at 14.00 hours

    Starting this Wednesday, April 8th till Sunday, April 12th Podium.TV is dominated by the Energiewacht Tour. For five days Podium.TV broadcasts this cycle race for women LIVE on television.

    On Monday, April 6th with a preview of the game in SPORT and from April 8th to start with the stages.

    In the evening from 9 till 11th of April the talk show Sur Place will be seen with host Rik Russchen and is standing still with their guests on the stage of that day. Also they are talking about the latest news around the Energiewacht Tour and look ahead to the next stage.

    Stage 2 - Westerkwartier

    A moment of thoughtlessness may mean the end of ranking. As a stage lends itself to such a separation this could be the round in the Westerkwartier, starting in Leek and the finish is in Zuidhorn. Nienoord estate is the magnificent background of the start. Spectators in Leek, Midwolde, Enumatil, Zuidhorn, Niekerk, Tolbert and Zevenhuizen see the caravan pass through their village. After two large loops of 40 kilometers the riders get a stunning spectacular round presented in the center of Zuidhorn. The start is at 14:00 hours and the stage has a distance of 111.8 km.

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