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Week-eind | Episode 30 | Coloured Grey, Minze Dijksma, De Feteranen & Erik van Klinken

Coloured Grey, time for culture, Mind Fuck by Minze Dijksma, drama by The Feteranen and music by Erik van Klinken


Episode 30: Coloured Grey, Minze Dijksma, De Feteranen & Erik van Klinken

First aired: Friday, 17 April 2015 at 17.00 hours

Coloured Grey, time for culture, Mind Fuck by Minze Dijksma, drama by The Feteranen and music by Erik van Klinken

'Coloured Grey, time for culture'

This message tries K&C Assen to move seniors in Drenthe to active cultural practice.

Campaigns in cooperation with the newspaper of the North and RTV Drenthe show that seniors and fine art and culture goes together. Posters and commercials on TV that emphasize courses and cultural activities offer plenty of opportunities for new forms of leisure after employment.

By letting the elderly acquainted with various forms of art and culture, they are stimulated to (continue to) develop.
The revitalization challenges seniors from, creates joint art experience, enhances the social network and offers new forms of leisure. “Gekleurd Grijs” makes cultural organizations especially the elderly and innovative offerings and make easily accessible for seniors.

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Minze Dijksma

Minze Dijksma began at an early age with magic and he soon developed his own style: juggle lots of humor. That earned him a first prize in 1986 at the National Congress for an original Elfstedentocht act.

In 1994 won Minze with a performance in the five-hour show, the first prize in the talent of Barry Stevens.De big win for Minze was the National Magic Congress 1996 in Leeuwarden. He won no fewer than five awards, including the Dutch Championship. Minze performs with two Frisian artists: conferencier Teake van der Meer and singer Griet Wiersma. Together they provide a complete evening of entertainment.

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The Feteranen

Two old veterans have always fought for the freedom of Friesland. Against whom or what that even endangered. And if necessary, they do it right away! Some people still do not want to be outdone by the other. With full uniforms medals they memorial after memorial present. How long? The two Friesian acting guns Freark Smink and Joop Witteman play both veterans in this production, which hilarity and fragility, familiarity and exaggeration alternate.

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Erik van Klinken

Erik Riveting is a Dutch singer from Emmen. He grew up in the district Emmermeer in Emmen. A real class neighborhood where one loves the Dutch song. Singing is Erik early in the blood, and he is now weekly on stage throughout the country. Erik has occurred in recent years with several major artists such as Jannes, Django Wagner, French Duijts, Jan Smit, Wolter Kroes Stef Ekkel, Willem Barth Rene Schuurmans, Jaman, Totally Holland, Rein Mercha, eva

Erik did in 2012 auditioned for SBS 6 "Bloed, Zweet en Tranen" and is nominated by weekly Party as "New upcoming Dutch talent." In 2013 he was nominated again, but now as a province hit in which he represents the province of Drenthe. The success haunts him and he gets a massive boost, because in September 2014, Erik was nominated by BUMANL as new Dutch talent. Erik is also being picked up by the Belgian radio stations.

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