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In beeld | Episode 36 | Tijnje

    In beeld

    Episode 36: Tijnje

    First aired: Thursday, 23 April 2015 at 17.00 hours

    The name of the village is a Dutch form of the Frisian word tynje fish dam which originally was called into a watercourse. The name is probably due to a construction in which toes were processed.

    In this episode Roos is this time in the village of Tijnje in the municipality of Opsterland in the province of Friesland.

    Tijnje as village emerged in the nineteenth century at the time of the peat quarries in the peat layer in the far west of Opsterland.

    There are hundreds of villages in the northern provinces and all of them are worth to get the attention. Not only the villages are worth the attention but also the northern cities. Who will Roos be talking to this time?

    Cheese Farm de Deelen

    “Kaasboerderij de Deelen” can be found in the heart of Friesland. Between the villages of Aldeboarn and Tijnje you will find on this farm the tastiest cheeses. The farm is known for its Riperkrite cheese. Sietse and Hendrika also make other pure local specialties, namely farmer dairy, ice cream, artisan sausages and other local Frisian products. “Kaasboerderij de Deelen” is an experience farm. For children also a magnificent experience. The owners find that you have to share this farm life.

    Podium.TV takes a look behind the scenes.


    About this program:

    IN BEELD brengt de mensen van onze regio 'in beeld'.

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