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Week-eind | Episode 31 | Oog van de naald, Meermin de musical and Airfi

Week-end, a great way to start the weekend. This week in Week End:


Episode 31: Oog van de naald, Meermin de musical and Airfi

First aired: Friday, 24 April 2015 at 17.00 hours

Week-end, a great way to start the weekend. This week in Week End:

Door het oog van de naald

After the success of the TV series "The Great British Bake Off" and "Masterchef" RTL came with the clothes make competition "Door het oog van de Naald". In the TV series are quite a few couples busy to make the most complicated garments. Anje and Nelly Steenhuis from Assen are participants of this TV contest.

With the utmost precision, the participants from all over and of all ages the finest sewing creations down. The jury consists of couture specialist Nelleke Rimmelzwaan and fashion and lifestyle expert Maik de Boer. They judge the creations fit, color and fabric choices and it has to be fashionable! When bloodcurdling sewing contest it comes to the most diverse creations; glamor dress to suit and bride dress up tuxedo jacket.

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Meermin de musical

MUZT, the musical training of Friesland Cultuur Kwartier located in Sneek, publishes an annual musical on a professional level for the whole family. After Aladddin and .., Beauty and ..., Lions, Blow Up and Witches, there will be another classic musicals are processed in their own way. The talented cast of students from 12 / m 20 years guarantees a sparkling musical evening.

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It probably sounds familiar to you. On short flights by plane there are no movies and entertainment as there is on the long flights. The Groninger company Embed Engineering conceived as an appropriate solution for the Airfi. It is a small box full of electronics and software which the airline installs in the plane. You can then log on as a passenger with a WiFi connection. And can see on your phone or tablet movies, play games or get information offered by the airline.

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Tim Runia on the road with BNN3

The Sneker Tim Runia, studying in Groningen, is from chosen from 1200 candidates to measure to do a tour program BNN3. Participants will travel to nine routes and should make a movie of their trip that is used in the popular travel program. Tim and the other participants will be followed by a camera crew and presenters. The movies can vote and who collected the most comments should make an extra trip program BNN3

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About this program:

Week-eind is a up-to-date talkshow to start with a good weekend.

Dick Jansen receives guests at the table who have special stories to tell or get enthusiastic about ideas, or are at the center of the news or perhaps yet to come. A pleasant mix of news, information and entertainment.