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Week-eind | Episode 32 | Urban agriculture, saline soils, grand liberation & Henk Wijngaard

Country estate among people, Brackish agriculture, Liberation celebrated in Friesland and what has Henk Wijngaard with Canada?


Episode 32: Urban agriculture, saline soils, grand liberation & Henk Wijngaard

First aired: Friday, 1 May 2015 at 17.00 hours

Country estate among people, Brackish agriculture, Liberation celebrated in Friesland and what has Henk Wijngaard with Canada?

Urban agriculture Sneek

The Foundation Urban agriculture Sneek is a collaboration of several agricultural companies around Sneek that develop sustainable services and products for the local region.

The aim of the foundation is: Whether or not to create in collaboration with other parties of city farming around Sneek, by developing regional services and products for promoting a sustainable economy, and to promote the general welfare.
Foundation for Urban Agriculture Sneek, in collaboration with the cooperating farmers some great packages. There are plenty of options that you can freely combine. Think sail barge with a delicious tasting (or from next year a barbecue) or midweek in a cabin where you do an afternoon free use of the electro microscope.

Urban agriculture Sneek foundation also provides educational tours for several groups, including schoolchildren and BSO groups. Interested in a studious day in the outdoors? Please contact the Foundation for Urban Agriculture Sneek!

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Crops on saline soils?

It was long thought that you could not grow crops on salt and salty substance. The Wadden academy has long been engaged in trials to grow sugar beets and potatoes on these saline soils. The first results are very promising and there are even salty potatoes exported abroad.

The tests are due to the development in the world that come more saline land and that the land can be used. The Netherlands has a great knowledge of water, land reclamation and plant breeding, and that combination must ensure that over a 10 year many products in stores that are grown on saline soils. Before the Wadden Academy will start a pilot farm using farmers additional advantage that this gives an enormous boost to employment in the north.

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Grand liberation in Friesland

The 70th year liberation is commemorated in Friesland and celebrated with a 5-day liberation. Outside the musical festivities on May 5 where seven different stages several major Dutch and international top acts, there are also many other events.

Led by Jorrit Volkers is a very big team the past eighteen months have been trying to give a silver lining of this anniversary year. Thus, there are 20 Canadian veterans for 8 days back to Friesland, which they released back 70 years. But there are also 160 old military vehicles to ride four routes in Friesland. As a grand finale to the parade with the Canadian veterans in Leeuwarden. The city center is in Arendstuin between 1 and May 6 after an encampment built as liberators 70 years ago also have resided in Leeuwarden. But also the elderly and single people are not forgotten. On May 5, is for 500 of them a super breakfast.

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Liberation Child Henk Wijngaard

Henk Wijngaard was born on June 13, 1946 in Stadskanaal son of a mother who fled from France and a Canadian allied soldier.
Men and women like Henk Wijngaard there are many in the Netherlands. Sometimes they were lucky, after a long and intensive quest to find their father and meet. But there are many more that 70 years after the liberation still not been able to find out who their father is. The Archives remain closed in Canada and there is little or no cooperation from Canadian authorities. In Week-ending story of Henk Wijngaard how he experiences it to be a liberation child. And of course Henk sings the song "Ik ben een Oorlogskind".

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