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SPORT | Episode 70 | Golf, Volleyball & Soccer


    Episode 70: Golf, Volleyball & Soccer

    First aired: Friday, 1 May 2015 at 17.40 hours

    In this episode of SPORT of Friday the 1st of May you will see the following subjects:


    Portret with talented Dewi Weber

    The 17 year old talented golfer Dewi Weber knows how to combine topsport with high-level education. Weber wins Dutch Championships from seniors and professionals, while she is still a junior. Last year she won the National Open Championships and this season she started off doing very well. She hopes to graduate from school this year so she can start at the University of Miami next school year. We spoke with her about combining school and her golfcareer.

    Twitter: @dewiweber @NNGCC @NGF
    Facebook: dewi.weber, Noord-Nederlandse-Golf-Countryclub


    Portret with Just Dronkers from Abiant Lycurgus

    Volleyball talent Just Dronkers from abiant Lycurgus has been selected as one of the 19 players from the Eredivisie, by federation-coach Guido Vermeulen. Dronkers will participate during the winter training and Vermeuelen hopes to strengthen the connection between the dutch national players this way. A great oppertunity for Dronkers. Most of the players from the National team are from Landstede Volleybal from Zwolle and last week Dronkers played against them in the final games of the play-offs.

    Twitter: @lycurgus_volley @volleybalnl @gic_nl
    Facebook: just.dronkers, Abiant Lycurgus Volleybal


    Harkemase Boys – ACV

    During the semifinals of the district cup of the North, the Harkemase Boys will stand against ACV , and battle for a spot in the final game. After the disappointment of last Saturday, the team will have to defend its repuation as cupfighter. For the eight time in thirteen years the Harkemase Boys have the oppertunity to stand in the finale. It is remarkable that ACV is the third opponent from Assen during this cup season. Is three times a charm? We were there to witness.

    Twitter: @harkemaseBoys, @acvassen
    Facebook: HarkemaseBoys, ACV-Assen

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