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Week-eind | Episode 33 | Horsepowerrun, Colorful toilet, FC Groningen & 4 mile Sneek

On an old engine to Horsepowerrun, Colorful to the toilet, FC Groningen grabs the cup and running in Sneek.


Episode 33: Horsepowerrun, Colorful toilet, FC Groningen & 4 mile Sneek

First aired: Friday, 8 May 2015 at 17.00 hours

On an old engine to Horsepowerrun, Colorful to the toilet, FC Groningen grabs the cup and running in Sneek.


The Horsepowerrun is an international event for motorcycles, sidecars and tricycles called "forecars" which were built in the pioneering days of the motorcycle. Participation in the Horsepowerrun is possible for anyone who has a vehicle from one of the above categories, the production date is later than December 31, 1920.

The event first took place in 1981 and can be used as the continental counterpart be seen from the famous Pioneer run "London-Brighton" in England and is partly set up because many owners of historic machines need an event especially for the oldest machines. The HPR clearly fulfills a need, especially for those who have the potential and / or lack resources to drive abroad. The organizers of the Pioneer-run work closely together, including on dating of machines.

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Colorful to the toilet

A toilet visit this summer is an inspiring celebration in Friesland. Frisian artists conjured up mobile toilets for true art. The art toilets are the months to festivals, village festivals and construction sites in the province. Mayor Fred Crone of Leeuwarden unveiled at King's day a pimped toilet. Where are going to the toilet this summer besides Us Mem?

Kirsten Keijzer-Hillebrand is an artist and paints mainly with acrylic paint. For the toilet cabin she was inspired by the contemporary Leeuwarden. "My design is based on the Leeuwarden of now. De Kelders, the station, the Achmea Tower and other iconic buildings of Leeuwarden in a colorful jacket. "

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Jantina Shepherd paints, draws and photographs. With pictures of the city of Leeuwarden she created her own perspective. 'Leeuwarden has a varied architecture, both new and old. These pictures are artfully edited and show my projection of the center of Leeuwarden. "

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The cup for FC Groningen

FC Groningen last weekend won the KNVB Cup. For the first time in the history of the club was the "Pine Cone" to Groningen. Preparations for the finals is a big job where the supporters club also has a tough time. Chairman John Schurer sits at the table to tell about it.

No FC Groningen supporters without a finding as an indisputable fact. Nowhere beats Netherlands in the green and white heart as full of fire as in the very far north. Both in good and bad times stand in town and woodland massively behind their FC. Loyal, critical and inextricably linked to greenish white. Prominent center: the Supporters Club FC Groningen.

4 Mile of Sneek

The 4 Miles of Sneek is a race of four English miles from the historic town of Sneek. The thing about this course is that you walk 2 x on the Water. It is a relatively young event, but has already acquired a permanent place on the calendar of activities of the bustling city of Sneek.

The number of runners is growing. Obviously, because more and more people want to live healthy and get enough exercise. Running is a sport that is relatively easy to implement. Running is good for your fitness and for your mind: many people enjoy the fresh air through the head. Compete in the 4 Miles of Sneek is a feast!
After great success in 2013 and 2014 we have started the preparations for the third "4 Miles of Sneek. Initiator Mellema Ying, owner of Ying Media and publisher of Great Sneek likes sports and wants everyone sporting manner let our beautiful center in the town of Sneek experience.

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