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    Runningevent: 4 Mile of Sneek 2015

    First aired: Sunday, 10 May 2015 at 14.40 hours

    Upcoming Sunday, May 10th is Sneek up for the third edition of the annual '4 miles of Sneek. The course of this footrace through such historic town of Sneek, where the participants cross over the Watergate walk twice.

    Both race runners and re-creationists walk the 4 Miles of Sneek, where healthy life motto applies to this event. Running is good for your health, but also good for the mind and take part in this four mile is also one big party! Besides sporting activities are also a variety of musical activities take place in Sneek and Podium.TV broadcasts this event LIVE on to television. From 14:40 hours we bring live coverage of both the course and the course and the activities that take place in Sneek.

    Twitter: @4mijlvanSneek
    Facebook: 4 mijl van Sneek

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