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Week-eind | Episode 34 | Carving cup, lieve schat, dance and to the liberary

Stump and a chain saw, 50 years of dance, a book about dating adventures and sale at the library.


Episode 34: Carving cup, lieve schat, dance and to the liberary

First aired: Friday, 15 May 2015 at 17.00 hours

Stump and a chain saw, 50 years of dance, a book about dating adventures and sale at the library.

Carving Cup

Chainsaw Art is a relatively new and unfamiliar art form where saws are used. For the last finish may also get some small power tools are used.

Erik van der Leur started chainsaw art in 2005 when his cousin Thijs was born. As it is customary in his hometown to put a stork in the garden of a birth of a child it seemed to him fun to be with the help of a friend to 'cut' a wood stork (carving) with a chainsaw. He has since been sold to this sport!

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Lieve Schat

On a beautiful spring day Ben van Koppen (1957) decided to write about his dating adventures encouraged by his neighbors, citizens and others. For it was on every birthday and every New Year's Eve the same question would be asked: "tell us again about your tasty adventures?”

Coincidentally, namely that he had come into contact with someone who sometimes did jobs as a ghostwriter. In no time he had reached agreement with Catharina (Ben are obviously only persons of the opposite sex on the World Wide Web) and the duo could start. Eighteen months later, the short story Li (e) ve (S) chat was a reality.

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International dance

On Roakeldais is an annual international dance and music festival in the last weekend of June in Warffum.
The festival has been in existence for 50 years thanks to the hard work and commitment of the volunteers, host families, trainees, the foundation board and the organizational support of many volunteers.

On the Roakeldais festival is characterized by a special atmosphere of fraternization. The dancers are included in one week hospitable host families and on Roakeldais is therefore accepted as their second home.

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To the Liberary

On Saturday 16 May, then again many libraries have an annual sale of books. In the library of Heerenveen are about 200 pieces tp be sold. This involves little more books lent or actually no longer can't be lent. Today the library is no longer a boring room full of bookshelves.

The library is hip again, and proceeds rapidly with the times. But there are also downloadable e-books. Director Sietske Atsma is coming to explain at the table how libraries make themselves modern again.

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