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SPORT | Episode 75 | Korfball, Grasstrack races, Basketball & Longboat racing


    Episode 75: Korfball, Grasstrack races, Basketball & Longboat racing

    First aired: Monday, 18 May 2015 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode of SPORT of Monday the 18th of May you will see the following:



    Last weekend LDODK scored an important victory against KZ/Hiltex. With only two more games to go against NIC and OVVO a place in the semi-finals is still within reach of LDODK. The northern derby NIC-LDODK is coming up, an important game for NIC to stay away from demotion, but also for LDODK to stay with the best two teams for the play-offs.

    Twitter: @Nic_korfbal @LDODK
    Facebook: ldodk nic.korfbal

    Grasstrack races

    ONK grasstrack races

    Grasstrack racing is all about close racing, speed and pushing the throttle while racing through the corners. With lots of guts the drivers race side by side at speeds up to 120 km/h on the straights. In the 'specials' classe the racers, drive on special motorbikes, that were specially designed for grasstrack racing. Top athltetes Jannick de Jong and Dirk Fabriek will show off their talents during this event.

    Twitter: @FlyingBoetoe @jannickdejong
    Facebook: mcflyingboetoe


    Red Giants – Groene Uilen

    The grand finale game in the promotion division is coming up this Saturday. The game between the Red Giants and Groene Uilen will take place on neutral grounds in Zwolle. Groene Uilen will defend their title, and red Giants will want to win the titel to make club history. This promises to become a grand spectacle in Zwolle.

    Twitter: @Rgiants @GroeneUilen

    Longboat racing

    Harlingen – Terschelling race

    The Harlingen – Terschelling race is the most famous longboat race in the Netherlands. Participants conquere the elements from nature during this heavy cross of the Waddenzee. Approximately 130 rowing boats will cross from Harlingen to Terschelling and our reporter Stijn Steenhuis will be there to witness the event up close.

    Twitter: @SloeproeienNL
    Facebook: SloeproeienNL

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