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Muziek uit het Noorden | Episode 67 | Music from the North of the Netherlands

Roberto Tan, Vangrail, Haas, Jelle B and Mooi Wark

Muziek uit het Noorden

Episode 67: Music from the North of the Netherlands

First aired: Tuesday, 19 May 2015 at 17.40 hours

Roberto Tan, Vangrail, Haas, Jelle B and Mooi Wark

In Muziek uit het Noorden are music clips broadcast from artists who come from the north. Known and lesser known artists come by. Weekly with a healthy dose of video clips, something for everyone! In this episode of Muziek uit het Noorden:

Roberto Tan – Nog Even (from Groningen)

Roberto Tan is the most decent rapper of the Netherlands. He always comes on time, likes a cheese sandwich at his breakfast and does all his promises. The rapper grew up in Stadskanaal where a good work ethic and be-normal-than-you-will-do crazy-enough mentality. This forms the basis for his establishment and authentic straightforward rap style.

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Vangrail – Madelief (from Friesland)

More than 120 shows per year. Sold out venues. Frenzied crowd. Solid fanbase. An award for the best single of the north. The best cover band with their own work in the Netherlands. This is Vangrail! In a few years time the band grew into an established name in the Dutch cover circuit.

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Haas – Highlife (from Drenthe)

Haas is an emerging artist from Meppel, which has long been on the road is working with individual tracks and video clips. In 2011 he won the Drenthe Popprijs.

Jelle B – Annabella (from Friesland)

JelleB is the spontaneous boy from the north of the Netherlands armed with only his guitar to put every hall ablaze know! His career as a singer / guitarist began on the tourist island of Ameland where a foundation was laid in one summer for many successful performances.

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Mooi Wark – Oh, Yvon (from Drenthe)

As big fans Bert Koops and Henk Oosting started to follow the band Normal and compose their own songs in the Drenthe, who seemed strong in the early days of the repertoire of the famous Achterhoekse band. Koops was so idolized of the band Normaal at that time his statement was punctuated by Achterhoekse influences and accents.

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About this program:

In het programma Muziek uit het Noorden kom je muziekclips tegen van bekende artiesten en opkomend talent.

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