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Week-eind | Episode 35 | Oma-post, Elise-dingen, Survivalrun & Jan Tekstra

Post voor je oma, Elise Dingen, Survivalen in de Knipe en muzikale alleskunner Jan Tekstra.


Episode 35: Oma-post, Elise-dingen, Survivalrun & Jan Tekstra

First aired: Friday, 22 May 2015 at 17.00 hours

Post voor je oma, Elise Dingen, Survivalen in de Knipe en muzikale alleskunner Jan Tekstra.


"My grandmother has no idea what I do in my life. She lives on the other side of the Netherlands, and calling her is not the first thing I would do. She would follow me on Instagram, but my grandmother is not exactly trending. She does not even have internet.

" Wilbert - founder omapost

For in this world of rapid communication there is now a way to share all your photos with your grandma or grandpa. The idea for Omapost arose on the startup weekend in 2014 in Groningen. There were a lot of creative people came together to invent new things and develop it.

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Elise-dingen is a video channel

Elise put the most ordinary things of every day on her YouTube channel. It thus gives us a glimpse into her life. And that can be about anything. From recipes to the groceries of the stores. Placing movies about the things people are already so involved is a huge hit on the Internet. There are channels that in no time have a million views. The makers can make lots of money with it by advertising. But that is not yet for Elise to realize.

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Survivalrun De Knipe

Between 29 and May 31 will be held again in the 14th survival run De Knipe. Survivaling is one of the toughest form of athletics. Because it is not only running, participants must swim rope climbing, carry heavy things and that on a parcour of 10 kilometers. But in Knipe, the organization, the participants also canoeing, logging and archery.

The survival run in De Knipe is the largest in the Netherlands and 5,000 participants are participating. This survival run has become especially because the organization over the years not only seniors and licensees late start but also has special kids and junior runs.

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Jan Tekstra

Jan Tekstra is a musical centipede. In 1989 he began his musical career in the band Texx. A year later he comes against Marco Borsato; The two keep in touch and Jan writes the song "Barricade of Love" for the first CD of Borsato. That will start a long-term cooperation. Making music is increasingly in the background and Tekstra proceeds to more writing and producing music. Jan is again a break as a singer when he was two years is the lead singer of The Closet. Large and smaller productions follow one another in the region and nationwide, and is vocal coach for the musical Soldier of Orange. Meanwhile, John is becoming more and more involved in the theater of BUOG where he now works with a trilogy about the life of the medieval Frisian hero Grutte Pier.

With BUOG, Jan around the summer a traveling show along the 'Waddenzee'. He also plays a role in a hilarious version of the old Little Red Riding Hood of the Peer Group. On March 17, Jan receives a Buma Award for the hit song "Mooie dag," of Jay Jawson. The song was one in 2014 to one of the 15 most played hits of Dutch soil.

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