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SPORT | Episode 76 | Basketball, Bowling, Korfball & Motorsports


    Episode 76: Basketball, Bowling, Korfball & Motorsports

    First aired: Friday, 22 May 2015 at 17.40 hours

    In this episode of SPORT of Friday the 22nd of May you will see the following:


    Donar – SPM Shoeters Den Bosch

    For the second time in a row Donar reached the finals of the play-offs by winning from ZZ Leiden in the semi finals. In the other semi final play-offs Den Bosch managed to win from Zwolle. This means that in the final serie the first game will be played in den Bosch and the second game at home for Donar at Martini Plaza. We are there to witness!

    Twitter: @Donar @spmshoeters
    Facebook: donarbasketballgroningen spm.shoeters


    Portret with Joshua Schuurman

    The 21-year-old Josuha Schuurman from Paterswolde in Drenthe recently won the Arnhem Open 2015. After a period of short trials Schuurman was selected to become part of the selection that will be send out to the EMC 2015. This event will take place in Aalborg on the second of june. We spoke with Schuurman about his preperation for this upcoming event.

    Twitter: @JoshuaSchuurman
    Facebook: joshua.schuurman


    Portret with Diana van der Vorst

    The 21-year old Diana van de Vorst from Groningen plays korfball at the highest level. She currently plays for LDODK in Gorredijk and was selected to play at the IFK University Korfball World Cup where the Dutch national team competed for the world title. We spoke with her about her first season at LDODK.

    Twitter: @LDODK @DianavdVorst
    Facebook: ldodk, diana.vandervorst


    Portret of team Hollandse Jongens with Rintje Ritsma

    Speed and tactics are important aspects for speed skating as well, as for motorsports. Ex-speed skater Rintje Ritsma knows how to translate these elements carefully to the motorsport since 2009. Along with Jarco Grotenhuis Ritsma races for team Hollandse Jongens.

    Twitter: @dhjracing
    Facebook: dhjracing

    About this program:

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