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Zwart Wit (Black White) | Episode 39 | Paul Christiaan Bos

    Zwart Wit (Black White)

    Episode 39: Paul Christiaan Bos

    First aired: Tuesday, 26 May 2015 at 17.00 hours

    For a long time painter Paul Christiaan Bos is living in Friesland and is wandering overnight by its large garden and was hiding in the adjacent forest. Hours he sits in his hut and wait. He has contact with the owls living there and these animals do not let him go. If he has his 'owls' talk sounds respect in his voice: he is completely captivated by their behavior and intelligence.

    Very exactly he painted the owls. He describes his life with these owls family in a beautiful owls documented diary, which was recently presented at Groeneveld Castle in Baarn where a large exhibition of his work. He talks about the owls as they were his neighbors, giving them all a name and 'talk' with them, experiencing intensely their lives. After a long time to be among them, he understands something of their communications. Forest is convinced that owls from a mystical world come and have a message for us as a society. Fijnschilder Forest moved, "Owls managed to hit me very deeply."

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    About this program:

    A good conversation in Zwart Wit. Interesting, controversial and fascinating.

    Jan van Friesland has a long TV career and therefore extensive experience in the world of television. His career began for him in 1981 with Koos Postema. In the past 30 years he worked among others on programs such as Klasgenoten, Jongbloed en Joosten, Sonja, Achter het Nieuws, Buitenhof, Van Dis and NOS Journaal.

    All the guests of the program Zwart Wit have their own story. A story has always two sides. In Zwart Wit these different sides are going to be discussed.