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In beeld | Episode 40 | Joure

    In beeld

    Episode 40: Joure

    First aired: Thursday, 28 May 2015 at 17.00 hours

    About the origins of the name Joure, or the Jouwer are several theories known. Often it is thought that it comes from the Frisian word Hjouwer, meaning oats.

    In this episode Roos is this time in the village of Joure in the municipality of Friese Meren in the province of Friesalnd.

    The name of Joure is also inextricably linked with of course Douwe Egberts. In 1753 began the father of Douwe Egberts, Egbert Douwes, a business in colonial merchandise, which has become well-known coffee roaster.

    There are hundreds of villages in the northern provinces and all of them are worth to get the attention. Not only the villages are worth the attention but also the northern cities. Who will Roos be talking to this time?

    Museum Joure

    In downtown center of Joure is the Museum Joure located. It pays particular attention to the history of Douwe Egberts and the Frisian clocks. A museum that is open for everyone and aims to show how the activity around 1900 has brought Joure to develop.

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