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Week-eind | Episode 36 | Foodtrucks, Quest for China, Farmer 2.0, Oranjewoud Festival & Jelle B

Exploring China, Farmer 2.0, Oranjewoud Festival, Barrel Food Truck Fest in Emmen and a music interlude from Jelle B.


Episode 36: Foodtrucks, Quest for China, Farmer 2.0, Oranjewoud Festival & Jelle B

First aired: Friday, 29 May 2015 at 17.00 hours

Exploring China, Farmer 2.0, Oranjewoud Festival, Barrel Food Truck Fest in Emmen and a music interlude from Jelle B.

Foodtrucks and Mobile kitchens

North Netherlands also gets her own Food Truck Festival; The BARREL Food Truck Fest. The weekend of 27th and June 28th, is the first edition of festival in Emmen The same weekend is also the final of the Dutch Championship Cycling in Emmen.
The trucks are currently shooting up like mushrooms from the ground.

In America you see the food trucks everywhere. Honest, pure and delicious food, freshly prepared while you represent it. Like Lekkere Trek of Herman van Vliet from Friesland. Lekkere Trek represents a fair street bite using local produce. Because these trucks usually have no fixed location, in connection with permits, special events are organized, where the most creative combinations gather and present to the public; lovers of good food.

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Quest for China

Eleven prominent businesswomen from Groningen have recently been on a "business trip" to China. Their trip was not intended to do business directly with products or services but rather to orientate the society in business in China differed from that in the Netherlands. Their experiences have their business not yielded anything directly but enriches their thinking in business.

The group consisted of China Specialist Marion Tjin-Tham Shin, travel expert Haskia Kramer, media expert Xandra Groenewold, IBM's director of operations Carola Forest, IT Lawyer Marie-José Bonthuis, facility manager Aukje Drewes, lawyer Liesbeth Poortman-de Boer, CRM & social media specialist Marielle My Dell, personnel expert Jacqueline Oosterwijk, construction specialist Ellen Eight and journalist Anita Pepping. They all come from Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe and know each other through the northern Vlindertuin consultation that takes place annually in Zuidlaren.

They have had an unforgettable journey of a total of 18,000 kilometers, with special encounters that leave traces and hopefully will affect the vision of these 11 women with positive, both professional and personal.

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Farmer 2.0

Farmers are never his plan, but at some point he chose to work at a farm. Jaring Brunia was a farmer's son, he did not have much experience and knowledge. He soon realized that the current conventional agriculture had many disadvantages. He therefore decided to change course to throw and start again from the beginning with building a healthy company.

Jaring Brunia wants to tell this story and inspire other farmers. Before that, he started early this year with a documentary about his vision of peasant life. As green as grass, is about a young farmer who wants to do everything differently, and dreams and fantasizes about grass and cows.

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Oranjewoud Festival

Danny Lubeck, Lubeck tattoo, Jelle B, Quest for China, Oranjewoud Festival, Barrel Foodtruckfest, Lekkere Trek, Herman van Vliet, Anouk de Raaf, Jaring Brunia, Boeren 2.0, zo groen als gras, crowdfunding, Marion Tjin-Tham-Sjin, Haskia Kramer, Xandra Groenewold, For four days, presenting musicians and newcomers in a surprising way in the beautiful gardens, the houses and the museum of Oranjewoud. That is the essence of Oranjewoud Festival.

What can you discover? Select the route and get going. Getting lost can. Then you can go to the Experimental Garden. There you enjoy a snack and drink and a tasting of short performances, from classical to ultra überhip.

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Jelle B

From the Frisian Dokkum is a real race Jelle B artist. He has been performing for years with great success in the Netherlands and beyond. Not only popular with students, but he is also a welcome guest at village festivals and in bars.
Last year, Jelle B entered the Blind Audition of Voice of Holland, allthough he did not get through the next round, wherever he enter the stage there immediately creates a great atmosphere. And he knows like no other to respond on that.

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