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Muziek (Music) | Episode 70 | Music from the North of the Netherlands

Jelle B, JETZ, Kevin Paré, Gurbe Douwstra and Iris Kroes

Muziek (Music)

Episode 70: Music from the North of the Netherlands

First aired: Tuesday, 2 June 2015 at 17.20 hours

Jelle B, JETZ, Kevin Paré, Gurbe Douwstra and Iris Kroes

In Muziek uit het Noorden are music clips broadcast from artists who come from the north. Known and lesser known artists come by. Weekly with a healthy dose of video clips, something for everyone! In this episode of Muziek uit het Noorden:

Jelle B – Simpel (from Friesland)

JelleB is the spontaneous boy from the north of the Netherlands armed with only his guitar to put every hall ablaze know! His career as a singer / guitarist began on the tourist island of Ameland where a foundation was laid in one summer for many successful performances.

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JETZ – Sunny Boy (from Friesland)

Jetz = is the new EP of the new Jetz. Jetz = stands for "being" in the moment and represents Jetz II because the band started with a new line. Bassist Feico Nijdam has strengthened the group and therefore the band sounds rougher, rawer and purer than ever before.

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Kevin Paré – We Gaan Ervoor (from Groningen)

Kevin put on a singing career, quickly hammered on the road and debuted four years ago with their own composed song. Various media picked up the song and put Kevin regularly on the playlists. An important step forward and one that caused Kevin ended up where he really belongs: on stage!

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Gurbe Douwstra – As it myn tiid is (from Friesland)

Douwstra is since his high school music actively. Especially in English blues and rock bands he performed as a singer, guitarist and songwriter. In 1994 wrote Douwstra - on the occasion of a wedding - a text in Frisian. This interest was piqued.

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Iris Kroes – All of me (harpcover) (from Friesland)

Iris Kroes was born on November 11, 1992 and comes from the Frisian town of Drachten. She plays harp for over ten years and in addition she has been singing since she could talk. This Iris Kroes has a special combination found by playing the harp and her singing skills.

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About this program:

Famous artists and upcoming talent, music is for everyone.

Music can be seen in clips from local, regional or national artists, recordings of music programs where we were ourselves or productions are made in-house. Music for young and old, something for everyone.