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SPORT | Episode 81 | Rugby, Running & Motorsports


    Episode 81: Rugby, Running & Motorsports

    First aired: Monday, 15 June 2015 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode of SPORT of monday the 15th of June you will see the following:


    Noordelijke Sevens toernooi

    During the Noordelijke Sevens tournament different rugby clubs from our region will play against each other. Rugby Sevens is the faster version of the traditional 15 game. The games are played by seven players per team with halves of seven minutes on a full rugby field. This type of game will debute during the Olympics in 2016. It promises to be a dynamic day of rugby, which is based on speed and focus.

    Facebook: rcDrachten


    The 8 van Drachten

    During the eleventh edition of the 8 van Drachten a strong field of participants will stand at the start. Many of the northern top athletes will be accompanied by more then 1200 runners during the event. It starts in Beetsterzwaag and finishes on the Kiryat Ononplein in Drachten. We are there to witness this festive event.

    Twitter: @AchtvanDrachten


    Portret with Jasper Iwema

    Motor coureur Jasper Iwema, will debute at the the TT in Assen during the World Championships in the Moto2 class. The 25-year-old comes from Drenthe and received a wildcard from the organisation te compete. Iwema currently races for team Griful and is eager to participate at World Cup level. We spoke with him about his preparations.

    Facebook: JasperIwema53
    Twitter: @ttcircuitassen



    The final tournament of the Drie Provinciën Circuit and the Senioren Circuit Noord will take place this weekend. During DPC tournaments is decided who stands at the top of the rankings. During the Slottoernooi, the best eight of every age category will play against each other. The tournament will be played in groups of four and the winners of these go through to the finals.

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    About this program:

    In SPORT on Monday we pay attention to various sports and athletes from the regions Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe and Overijssel. In SPORT we bring the latest news on sports and/or extraordinairy sports performances. We also pay attention to top athletes on their way to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and we dive deep into the stories behind the athletes that are from the north of the Netherlands with SPORT Document.

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