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SPORT | Episode 87 | Equestrian, Soccer, Cycling, Fierljeppen


    Episode 87: Equestrian, Soccer, Cycling, Fierljeppen

    First aired: Monday, 27 July 2015 at 17.00 hours

    In this extra long episode of SPORT attention to equestrian sports. We are present at the Concours Hippique De Wolden and the horse marathon Driezum - Wâlterswâld. But also images of the friendly match between FC Emmen and Young Schalke 04, an interview with cyclist Tom Jelte Butcher and a portrait of fierljepster Marrit van der Wal.


    Concours Hippique De Wolden

    This weekend is already the last finale weekend of the international horse show 'CH De Wolden'. Last week Jur Vrieling won the first part of the event. Will Vrieling be able to win 'de grote prijs' again this weekend?

    Facebook: chdewolden
    Twitter: @CHDeWolden


    FC Emmen - Schalke 04 under 23

    The start of the new football season is getting closer. On August 7, FC Emmen will play the first game of the new season in the Jupiler League against FC Oss. Until then the team of coach Marcel Keizer plays some friendly games. Next Saturday in Erica against Schalke 04 under 23. An interesting game for FC Emmen.

    Facebook: FC Emmen
    Twitter: @FC_Emmen


    Report of the horse marathon Driezum - Wâlterswâld

    Next Friday in the Frisian villages Driezum and Wâlterswâld the yearly horse marathon will take place. There will be more than 125 carriages with ponies and horses from around the country presented. During the race the carriages have to take eleven obstacles and multiple categories are being addressed.

    Facebook: Paardendagen Driezumwalterswald


    Reportage IJslanders

    From Monday the 3th of august, till Sunday the 9th the World Championship Icelandic Horses in Herning will take place. The sport is lesser known in the Netherlands, but in Iceland it one of the most popular sport of the country. We dived into the world of Icelandic horses at  the Dutch Championship in Exloo.

    Facebook: IJslandse-Paarden-evenementen


    Interview Tom-Jelte Slagter

    Last year cyclist Tom Jelte Slagter participated during the Tour de France, but this year his team choose differently. We visited him at home in Nij Beets to talk with him about the past months and his ambitions for the rest of the coming cycling season.

    Facebook: Tom Jelte Slagter
    Twitter: @tomjelteslagter


    Interview Marrit van der Wal

    In less than two weeks  Frisian Championships Fierljeppen are held. Marrit van der Wal is the big favorite for the title. She is 16 years old and lives in Heidenskip. Two months ago she jumped as the first woman ever more than 17 meters. We spoke to her during a game in Buitenpost.

    Facebook: marritwal98


    Thuis voor de Tour - Joop Atsma

    This Sunday the Tour de France ends at the Champs-Elysees in Paris. In the last episode of 'Thuis voor de Tour' we interview Joop Atsma, former Secretary of State and former Chairman of the dutch national cycling federation KNWU.

    Facebook: Joop Atsma
    Twitter: @atsmajoop


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