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SPORT | Episode 89 | Soccer, Baseball and Equestrian.


    Episode 89: Soccer, Baseball and Equestrian.

    First aired: Monday, 10 August 2015 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode of SPORT summaries of football vv Staphorst-Achilles in 1894 and MSC Meppel-ONS Sneek, a story of baseball's Blue Devils from Meppel and Equestrian: Reports of the Concours Hippique in Outpost and the Drenthe championship.


    Staphorst - Achilles 1894 and MSC - ONS Sneek

    This weekend the competition starts for professional soccer clubs. The clubs have only just started their preparations for the new season. This weekend four clubs in our region play some friendly games in Staphorst . VV Staphorst will play against Achilles 1894 from Assen and MSC Meppel will practice against ONS Sneek.

    Facebook: ONSBosoSneek, VVStaphorst, Achilles1894, MSC
    Twitter: @ONSSneek, @MSCMeppel, @Achilles1894, @VVStaphorst


    Concours Hippique in Buitenpost

    Last Wednesday the Concours Hippique in Buitenpost took place for the 62nd time. There was a special guest, it was Rixt van der Horst, a Paralympic amazon. She showed her skills and spoke about her sport. Next weekend the jumpers and amazons will be in De Wijk, to fight for the Championship of Drenthe.

    Twitter: @CHBuitenpost, @RixtvanderHorst


    Blue Devils - Sparks

    The Blue Devils from Meppel are having a hard time. The team plays this season in a higher division and is ranked last in the competition. Along with Sparks Haarlem the Blue Devils have to decide who degrades. This weekend the two teams play against each other in Meppel. An important game for the Blue Devils.

    Twitter: @BlueMeppel

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