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SPORT | Episode 90 | Soccer, Grass Track Racing, Cycling, Motorcycling Racing & Car sport


    Episode 90: Soccer, Grass Track Racing, Cycling, Motorcycling Racing & Car sport

    First aired: Monday, 17 August 2015 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode of SPORT overviews from the soccer games vv Staphorst-MSC Meppel and Achilles 1894-ONS Sneek, the World Championship of Grass track racing with Jannick de Jong, cycling in De Rode van de Westereen and car sport and motorcycling racing at the TT Circuit in Assen.


    Staphorst - Achilles 1894 and MSC - ONS Sneek

    Last Saturday was the first round of the Oosterveens Oil Tournament. VV Staphorst, Achilles 1894, MSC Meppel and ONS Sneek participants. This weekend the final round of this tournament is on the program. vv Staphorst takes on MSC Meppel and Achilles 1894 playing against ONS Sneek.

    Facebook: ONSBosoSneek, VVStaphorst, Achilles1894, MSC
    Twitter: @ONSSneek, @MSCMeppel, @Achilles1894, @VVStaphorst

    Grass track racing

    World Championship in Eenrum

    This sunday is the World Championship grass track racing in Eenrum. Our favorite is Jannick de Jong from Gorredijk, who grapped the European title last July in Staphorst. Can he also grab the World title?

    Facebook: Jannick de Jong
    Twitter: @jannickdejong


    Ronde van de Westereen

    For the 64th time the Ronde van de Westereen will take place. The youth will start at noon and at five o´clock the other categories will start their races. The race is 90 kilometres long. Last year Coen Rijpma was the winner.

    Facebook: Ronde van de Westereen

    Motorcycling racing

    Mini Moto

    This weekend at the TT Circuit in Assen is the European Championship of the Mini Moto. There are several levels: Pocket Bikes, NSF 100, Mini GP 50 and Scooter GP 70.

    Facebook: Rap Holland

    Car sport


    There is also car sport this weekend at the TT Circuit in Assen. At the Autosport Competitie Noord-Nederland we will see the usual levels; Payned PTC Cup, de Zilhouette Cup, de Open Sport Series en de Ooperon BMW Cup. It is going to be an exciting battle, because in Zandvoort  the last race had some surprising winners.

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    Twitter: @ACNN


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