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Puur Noord | Episode 3 | WK streetdance, to the movies and we go on the ice

    Puur Noord

    Episode 3: WK streetdance, to the movies and we go on the ice

    First aired: Thursday, 3 September 2015 at 17.00 hours

    Today in Puur Noord we focus on current issues in the region. We are going to dance classes at Dance School Ingeborg, with film director Steven de Jong we look at the Dutch films and we go on the ice in Thialf ant Elfstedenhal.

    Dick Jansen receives people with an extraordinary story from the region to the Puur Noord table.

    WK Streetdance

    At the World Championships Streetdance in Glasgow, the Dance School of Ingeborg Waterlander is placed third. Last weekend, the group led by Joey Schuit traveled to Scotland as one of the best teams in the Netherlands. The dance group took part in the National Championships in May (1st place) and immediately qualified for the World Cup. In Scotland, 20 groups took part in the 18+ category. UniqFlava Crew team qualified for the final and took the third place.
    Ingeborg Waterlander and Joey Schuit are telling about their experiences during the World Cup.

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    Facebook: Dansschool Ingeborg Assen – DSI

    Friese Film

    Steven de Jong comes along and talks to us about the first Frisian Film marathon that from September 11th start in the cinemas Leeuwarden, Sneek, Heerenveen and Drachten.

    Ice rink

    Of course you can not go on the ice in Thialf Heerenveen, because it is still open in the scaffolding and the Elfstedenhal (Leeuwarden) has just opened its doors. Both directors, Eelco Derks and Johan van der Kooi, will tell you more about the innovations of the rinks.

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