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Puur Noord | Episode 7 | away with the stress, singing at work, Traingl and people like you and me

    Puur Noord

    Episode 7: away with the stress, singing at work, Traingl and people like you and me

    First aired: Thursday, 10 September 2015 at 17.00 hours

    Today in Puur Noord tell Gaby Lawant and Marloes Egberts about child coaching, singing teacher Fenny Hoekstra gives singing lessons at work, music Triangl and the exhibition about "people like you and me."


    Gaby Lawant has been 18 years as a teacher in the classroom and Marloes Egberts has over 14 years, with lots of love and joy, worked as a teacher in primary education. Both saw how children grew as they got attention, real attention. If they were taken seriously and listened to them. In their work as teachers they often did not have (enough) time for that. Because they wanted to change that. When they came into contact with children's coaching, they knew what they wanted to do. Children coach and learn them in a positive way to discover what's going and where their qualities layers.

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    TRIANGL consists of three talented young singers with a great passion for dance. Singing and dancing is what they do almost their entire life. The past four years they worked extensively together during their HBO dance & musical training. TRIANGL consists Luisa Montero de la Rosa, Myrthe Bylsma, Petra Ilse Dam and producer Bauke van der Laaken (Studio Spitzbergen).

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    Healthier by singing

    According to singing teacher Fenny Hoekstra does singing gives you energy. It is stress-lowering, has a positive effect on blood pressure and you get's you in a good mood. With her new project Skoren she wants companies to get their own choir. The result is healthier and more proud employees. She has examined what influence corporate fitness for employees of a company. The exercises change every period. There is not only focus on physical aspects in class. Also, there is a lot of time for the psychological effects of singing.

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    Yolanda Visser

    Yolanda Visser is a photographer. She has traveled to Lesbos to record abuses around the refugees. She has done this to let the world show what disgraceful scenes take place there.

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    Facebook: Mensen zoals jij en ik

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