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Puur Noord | Episode 8 | A new ANNE, jitters of a Stalker and a potato western (aardappelwestern)

    Puur Noord

    Episode 8: A new ANNE, jitters of a Stalker and a potato western (aardappelwestern)

    First aired: Friday, 11 September 2015 at 17.00 hours

    oday in Pure North tells Sjoukje Hoogma how to play the leading role in ANNE, Steve Beirnaert talks about the serie Stalker and the musical Vicky the Viking and Lies van der Wiel is directing Hande Hoch, Cowboy! A potato western (aardappelwestern).

    Sjoukje Hoogma is Anne

    Musical actress Sjoukje Hoogma grew up in Wierden and plays now the leading role Anne Frank in the musical ANNE. In May 2015 she take over the role of Anne from actress Rosa da Silva. Since the first performance is Sjoukje already on stage in the show as the role of Hanneli Goslar, the friend of Anne Frank, and later as understudy Rosa.

    ANNE is in theatre until December 2015 in Theater Amsterdam.

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    Steve Bernaird in Stalker

    Stalker is a thriller in which nothing is what it seems and perhaps no one is telling the whole truth ...

    Something that began as a small idea for a short film for casting agencies has grown quickly to a whole serie. Maike and Steve now like to share it with the general public. Steve Beirnaert (Cabaret, Dream Flight) and Maike Boerdam (Heart Friends, Miss Saigon) met in the musical Mary Poppins and want to show their acting talents in a different way with the webserie Stalker. In addition, Steve Beiraert will tell about his role in the musical Vicky the Viking. The musical is at 17,18 and 21 October in the Martini Plaza in Groningen.

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    Facebook: Webserie Stalker

    Lies van der Wiel

    "Hände Hoch, Cowboy!"

    "Hände Hoch, Cowboy!" is a musical theater show inspired by the Spaghetti Western "Once Upon a Time in the West" with an excellent cast of three top actors, Mads Wittermans (de Fractie, Scheepsjongens van Bontekoe) Nanette Edens (Zuidelijk Toneel, Penoza, Suburbia) and Wouter van Oord (oa Warhorse). Amateurs and professionals playing alongside each other.

    The show is directed by Lies van der Wiel. The music is preformed by a quartet of professional musicians. The script is written by Groninger Jan Veldman, and the production is by Stichting Cultural Projects Hoogeland. A spaghetti western by Italians; Potato for Western and Groningen!

    The show is 4 t/m 13 September at the Aviko factory between Warffum and den Andel. "Hände Hoch, Cowboy!" is about two brothers who get visit from a lady who has her own agenda.

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