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Zwart Wit (Black White) | Episode 42 | Caja Cazemier

    Zwart Wit (Black White)

    Episode 42: Caja Cazemier

    First aired: Friday, 18 September 2015 at 18.32 hours

    Caja Cazemier gets into the soul of a teenager and goes through what they go through. She writes books for young people in which all the problem you get to face as a teenager are the main subject. The reader is confronted with the hard world of an adolescent, suicide, sex, unwanted pregnancy, booze and drugs, family secrets from the war.

    Her latest book is about grooming, someone who meets a girl online and wants to have sex with her. It's the reality of all teenage girls. Everything gets a spot in Caja's work, who's a mom to three sons herself. Nowadays she has gotten so involved in the faith of a growing child, that next to her writing, she started a clinic for people from the age of 12 to the age of 21. Is her writing meant to keep teenagers on the right track? Is she more of a help giver than a writer? And: did she have a hard time when she was a teenager?

    About this program:

    A good conversation in Zwart Wit. Interesting, controversial and fascinating.

    Jan van Friesland has a long TV career and therefore extensive experience in the world of television. His career began for him in 1981 with Koos Postema. In the past 30 years he worked among others on programs such as Klasgenoten, Jongbloed en Joosten, Sonja, Achter het Nieuws, Buitenhof, Van Dis and NOS Journaal.

    All the guests of the program Zwart Wit have their own story. A story has always two sides. In Zwart Wit these different sides are going to be discussed.