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Proeftijd | Episode 4 | Rumford Soup


    Episode 4: Rumford Soup

    First aired: Tuesday, 22 September 2015 at 17.32 hours

    This episode of 'Proeftijd' starts in a street in Groningen with a special name: ‘Soephuisstraatje’ (literally: Soup house street). We meet up with Michel Jansen, founder of Kleinstesoepfabriek, who explains the historical meaning of the street. In 1802 a special committee started distributing a nutritious soup among the poor and needy. Michel Jansen will make this Rumford Soup for us. He uses local products like knuckle from a biological farm in Noordbroek and beer form a brewer in Veenhuizen.

    At the biological farm Arkema in Noordbroek we are getting knuckle, bones and barley. At this farm animals are being raised in a natural way. They grow up in large kennels with loads of stray. Farmers Bé and Margreet Arkema process the meat form their beautiful Blonde d’Acquitane cows themselves.

    After that we are going to the beer brewery Maallust in Veenhuizen. On the industrial complex Maallust the processing of agricultural products takes place. The brewery is located in the milling business old building. We're going to get a tour through the brewery ánd we're learning about the brewing process.

    At Kleinstesoepfabriek in Leek Michel Jansen cooks the delicious nutritional Rumford Soup for us.

    It's time for Proeftijd!

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    Facebook: Kleinstesoepfabriek Kleinstesoepfabriek, Bierbrouwerij Maallust, Margreet Arkema
    Twitter: @Maallust, @kleinstesoepfab

    Dish: Rumfordsoup

    As early as in 1802 soup was cooked on a large scale in Groningen. This soup was distributed amongst the poor and needy during the cold winter months. By combining barley, beef stock, peas and a lot of vegetables a powerful, nutritive soup was made. 213 years later, it still tastes great!

    Ingrediënts (for 2 liters):

     * 3 potatoes
     * 200 grams of green peas (dried, also possible with deepfried peas, use 500 grams instead).
     * 0.6 liter beef stock (runderbouillon (see recipe or use beef stock from Kleinstesoepfabriek)
     * 1 celeriac
     * 1 broccoli
     * 2 onions, fried at low temperature in sunflower oil.
     * 100 grams of washed barley
     * 1 grove of parsley
     * Black pepper (a reasonable amount, spicy is good!)
     * A couple of laurel leafs
     * A teaspoon summer savory
     * A spoon vinegar or a bottle of wheat beer


    Wash barley and dried green peas, boil in plenty water in approximately 1 hour (skim, at the beginning of the cooking process, the white foam that comes to the surface. Add the summer savory when there’s no foam left). The peas are done when they can be crushed between thumb and index finger.

    Fry the shredded onions slowly in a pan with a thick bottom, with a splash of sunflower oil. This way the onions will become nicely brown and fragrant.

    In the meantime, peel and cut the celeriac, the broccoli and the potatoes. Snip the (preferably flat) parsley.

    Add, when the barley and the peas are done, the beef stock. Cook the soup and add all vegetables, except the parsley. Cook until all vegetables are done.
    Before serving, add the beer or vinegar, garnish with parsley. Taste and add extra pepper, this soup can use a lot of spice!

    Dish: Beef stock (3 liters)

    The basis for the beef stock are the knees, marrow bones and the shoulder bones (in the latter, the butcher says, the most flavour is found). When doing this yourself, make sure to order the bones beforehand, most butchers don’t have these in stock.

    The ingredients (for 3 liters):

     * 1 beef knee (approx. 1 kilo)
     * 3 liters of water
     * 1 carrot
     * 1 grove of celery
     * 1 grove of parsley
     * 10 peppercorns
     * 5 allspice granules
     * 3 pieces of mace
     * A couple branchlets of thyme
     * 4 grams of salt

     * Heat the oven up to 200 °C in order to bake the knuckle nicely brown. You can also use a solid frying pan. The bones should be golden brown and really fragrant.

     * Put the knuckle in a big pan, add the water and slowly cook everything. Boil slowly for 5 minutes and skim the foam that arises on the surface. Use a  strainer or skimmer.

     * Scrape off the carrot and cut it into pieces. Peel the onion, wash the herbs and cut them. Put everything with the spices (no salt yet!) in the pan. Leave the stock for 3-4 hours.

     * Check after approximately 2 hours if the meat easily comes off the bone. Leave the pan, if that isn’t the case, on the fire for the night. Keep the meat. Put the bones back in the pan, turn the ardour low and leave the stock for 12 hours. 

     * Pour off the stock the  next day, through a cloth or a very thin strainer. Taste the stock and freeze in in small portions.

    About this program:

    Proeftijd is a program where we look for local recipes and products from the North of the Netherlands in combination with special stories that involve food & lifestyle.

    In the program Proeftijd, the focus lays on food and the origin of products from the region, but also about the stories behind a recipe from the region. A dish from grandma's kitchen or perhaps you invented a recipe yourself? During the program we look for tasty food from the region in combination with a special story.

    In every episode a recipe from the northern region is the lead. We examine what products are processed in the dish and where they come from. Perhaps the program inspires you to prepare dishes from the north yourself!

    In short, it is time to try and taste food and dishes from the North of the Netherlands.

    Do you know, or are you someone who can make the most delicious meals with products from the northern region and an interesting story?

    Proeftijd, From 1st of September, everyday at 17.30 hours at Podium.TV