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Puur Noord | Episode 14 | Tragicomic play about three generations of birders.

    Puur Noord

    Episode 14: Tragicomic play about three generations of birders.

    First aired: Wednesday, 23 September 2015 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode Annette Timmer talks with Sanne Verkaaik about the idea eye view of the Peer Group which is perched in Gasteren with Marinus de Vries about the only real glass house in Groningen and fixed monthly guest Geert Pruiksma tells about one of the oldest known portraits from Friesland.

    Sanne Verkaaik is coordinator of the Peer Group, the theater site north of the Netherlands. Themes of the country and cooperation with residents form a common thread in the projects of the Peer Group. Sanne directed Vogelvlucht that t / m October 3 will be played in the open air on the sports field of Gasteren. The show is the third in a series of four that the Peer Group is to mark the birth of Drentsche Aa National Landscape, fifty years ago. Main characters are a retired farmer who is enthusiastic birder, his son who struggles with modernity on the farm and his grandson, who also bird t and in "the big city" wants to study biology.


    Art / architectural historian Geert Pruiksma as producer, educator and author involved in various exhibition halls, educational institutions and publishers. He was a member of the Tourist Office and the Groninger Museum and director of Museum De Buitenplaats in Eelde. Now he is coordinator at the Classical Academy in Groningen. Geert is a monthly guest in Puur Noord and is telling about what he noticed in his field. This time he highlights one of the most interesting ceremonial pieces from the northern Netherlands.


    Visual artist and former gallery owner Marinus de Vries has the daily management of the Tschumi Pavilion in Groningen. 25 Years ago the glass building was realized within the framework of the event What a Wonderful World! Music videos in architecture.
    Meanwhile, there are annually review in about five artists' projects, using modern media. Saturday, September 26, there is a festive jubilee program with the main guest architect Bernard Tschumi.



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