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Puur Noord | Episode 15 | Beauty, Golden Gurbes, Folklore Irolt

    Puur Noord

    Episode 15: Beauty, Golden Gurbes, Folklore Irolt

    First aired: Thursday, 24 September 2015 at 17.00 hours

    The beauty salon is more than a make-up, who will win the Golden Gurbes and after 40 years Irolt is back. All this at a table of Puur Noord.ragi-komische voorstelling over drie generaties vogelaars.

    Edwina Caspers-Martin of Blush Beauty Salon in Eelde is seventh in the top 100 beauty salons in the Netherlands. Thus the salon from Eelde is the best beauty salon in Groningen and Drenthe. For the 2700 beauty salons participating assess came a mystery guest visit you to assess the quality of the salon. But the customers were able to vote via the website of the election.
    Edwina is justifiably proud of the result: "I started my salon three and a half years ago. That now, less than four years later, in my field all to the top of the Netherlands feels counted as a great compliment and encouragement for the future."

    In recent years Edwina been busy developing into a true professional with love and passion for her field. Obviously she closely follows the latest developments in her field and attends regular training and education at. Edwina says "that she keeps a concrete goal with Blush, namely an all round beauty concept with a personal and customized approach.


    Irolt the reunion

    Forty years after their debut album The Gudrun Sege Irolt come back together to celebrate the release of the groundbreaking album. Ten years was this Leeuwarden folk group very active. They made seven albums, which not only stood out in the national press, but also abroad. Irolt also played a decisive role in the development of the Frisian folk movement: as the group's founder Nanne Kalma stood at the cradle of the illustrious Tsjoch Festival. Singer Inez Timmer is successful musical singer in Germany and Kalma and Ankie van der Meer speed regulated in the US as Kat Yn't Seil.

    In 1975 Nanne Kalma starts begins to investigate in what way he can work in Frisian or in Dutch. He looks for traditional Frisian songs that can be edited in the style of the English group Steeleye Span and Fairport Convention. He finds those songs not and therefore decides which started making songs. He asks some fellow poets to write lyrics for him. Along with Inez Timmer he makes a plan for a studio project.

    From the studio project will Nanne Klama with some friends on the folk rock group Irolt. Soon, the first LP in Frisian. The impact of that first record in the Frisian among the public is enormous. There are thousands of copies sold across the country and encourages many to also sing in Frisian. There are requests to perform with Irolt and in this way over the years, changing formations around Nanne Kalma and Inez Timmer. Singer Inez Timmer is successful musical singer in Germany and Kalma and Ankie van der Meer speed regulated in the US as Kat Yn't Seil.

    Golden Gurbes

    Leeuwarder Courant praises since 2007 a prize for iepenloftspullen. This Frisian version of the Oscar is called the 'Golden Gurbe' name. There are to give Golden Gurbes away for the best leading role, best supporting actor, best performance and best design. An independent jury will judge the outdoor performances played in the summer season in Friesland. In addition, spectators at each performance must give their judgment for the audience. The winners of the Golden Gurbe receive a statuette, a stylized representation of the character Gurbe that every day in the newspaper gives his commentary on the news. This year 15 Iepenloftspullen join the coveted "Oscars". Saturday, September 26 is the result at the theater in Sneek.


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