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In beeld | Episode 44 | Bourtange

    In beeld

    Episode 44: Bourtange

    First aired: Thursday, 24 September 2015 at 17.32 hours

    Bourtange was build during the Dutch Revolt and became part of the border defense of the three northern provinces in 1594. Although the canals and walls suggest otherwise, Bourtange has never had city rights.

    In this episode Roos is in Bourtange, a fortress close to the German border. Bourtange takes visitors centuries back in time. Roos will visit the museum, talks to the inhabitants about what it's like to live in a fortress and learns archery. There are hundreds of villages in the northern provinces and they're all worthy of getting attention. Not only the villages are worth the effort but the northern cities as well.

    Who will Roos get to talk to this time?

    Website: www.bourtange.nl

    About this program:

    IN BEELD brengt de mensen van onze regio 'in beeld'.

    Wekelijks gaat Podium.TV op pad om de inwoners van dorpen in het Noorden van Nederland in beeld te brengen. Om bijzondere mensen te ontmoeten, het dorp te bekijken en prachtige verhalen te horen.