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Puur Noord | Episode 16 | Flaeijelfeest Nieuwehorne, Music=Art, Tocht om de Noord

    Puur Noord

    Episode 16: Flaeijelfeest Nieuwehorne, Music=Art, Tocht om de Noord

    First aired: Friday, 25 September 2015 at 17.00 hours

    Today in Puur Noord; In Zuidhorn Music = Art festival is more than just music, the Flaeijelfeest in Nieuwehorne launches a walk with a story in the Tocht om Noord.

    Flaeijelfeest Nieuwehorne

    Flaeijelfeest may with some pride the country's most unique event. It is as unique as the range of activities and attractions in any other similar event is matched. That this many people particularly appealing is reflected in the large number of visitors about 25,000. The organization of the Flaeijelfeest, which consists of over 450 volunteers, has the objective of the former rural life in the form of a one-day open-air museum (driving and operating) exhibit. The activities are aimed at a diverse audience of all ages.


    Facebook: Flaeijelfeest

    Music = Art

    The Music = Art festival has existed since 2007. It began with the "School of Rock" of Wi (ll) m Venema, alias Bill Baboon. Three children's bands were the support act of a friendly soul band. In 2008 the festival due to unforeseen circumstances is not gone, but the Blues Late night shopping was launched, a stage for the Bill Baboon Change Band, children's rock band from South Horn. Music = Art in Zuidhorn is small and very cozy. It is through the many different styles of music and trips to other forms of art again become a very diverse festival. The organization would also like to get young people into contact with culture and therefore the entrance till 18 years is for free.


    Tocht in Noord

    Tocht om Noord is a two-day walking event where the hikers in the many villages that they inflict on the routes get a tsunamie of art music and culture in Groningen. theater and film director Anne Slageren is making a movie about the hike which actors play a story within the hike. This year, for example, the route is not indicated by arrows, but at each intersection is a musician, or a typical Groningen sound that indicates the right direction. It is also a creative “tour de force” for the villages that will produce Groningen sound from every nook and cranny. For hikers an unique opportunity to get acquainted with the sound of Groningen !!


    Twitter: @TochtomdeNoord

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