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SPORT | Episode 97 | Soccer, handball, speedskating, cycling and monthly overview.


    Episode 97: Soccer, handball, speedskating, cycling and monthly overview.

    First aired: Monday, 28 September 2015 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode of SPORT a summary of the handball game Hurry-Up-Swift, but also soccer with WKE-AFC and Staphorst-DOS’73 and Excelsior’31 - Harkemase Boys. Next to that we speak with a biew top speedskaters who are preparing for the new season in the Elfstedenhal and we speak with coach Adriaan Helmantel about the results of Tom Dumoulin. At last we present you the monthly overview of SPORT in September.

    Handball: Hurry Up - Swift
    After the unnecessary lost against E & O from Emmen, Hurry Up won easily from Tachos last week. In Brabant Hurry Up won with 39-27. The team of coach Joop Fiege is now second in the league, one point behind the leaders Quintus.

    Facebook: Hurry-Up, HV Tachos Waalwijk
    Twitter: hvhurryup, tachoswaalwijk

    Soccer: WKE - AFC
    After the victory against VVSB, WKE now stands alone in first place in the Top Class of Sunday. Next weekend WKE plays against AFC. The team from Amsterdam, which became champion of the top class Sunday in 2014, played against FC Emmen during in the KNVB-cup last Tuesday.

    Facebook: WKE, Afc-Amsterdam-Football-Club
    Twitter: AFC_Amsterdam

    Soccer: Staphorst - DOS’37
    In Saturday's league Staphorst has the home advantage against DOS'37 from Vriezenveen. The team of coach Jan van Raalte is now in tenth place and will have to make points to get ot of the bottom half of the rankings. DOS'37 is currently in last place. For both teams it is important to gain some points that points to make up for the damage.

    Facebook: Vv Staphorst
    Twitter: @vvStaphorst, @Dos’37

    Soccer: Excelsior '31-Harkemase Boys
    Harkemase Boys is in the winning mood. The team of coach Jan Vlap won the last two games convincingly and is now second in the ranking in the league. Next Saturday, Harkemase Boys wil play in Rijssan against Excelsior '31. That team is always a tough opponent.

    Facebook: Harkemase Boys, Excelsior-31
    Harkemase Boys

    Speedskating: top teams train in the Elfstedenhal
    Due the renovation of Thialf, the skating teams are training this autumn in the new Elfstedenhal in Leeuwarden. We speak to several skaters of the national selection of the shortrack team. And also we speak with skaters from Team Beslist.nl and Team Afterpay about their experience with the ice in Leeuwarden.

    Facebook: Team Beslist.nl, Team Afterpay, Elfstedenhal
    Twitter: Team Beslist.nl, Team Afterpay, Elfstedenhal

    Cycling: Interview Adriaan Helmantel, coach of Tom Dumoulin
    Since November 2012 is Adriaan Helmantel from Groningen coach of the Giant-Alpecin cycling team. In recent years he has been working intensively with Tom Dumoulin. The cyclist from Limburg surprised everyone when he almost won the Vuelta. We discuss with Helmantel the performance of Tom Dumoulin in the Vuelta and the World Championships in Richmond.

    Website: Adriaan Helmantel
    Twitter: A3aanhelmantel, Tom_dumolin

    Monthly overview: September
    At the end of this month, we look back at what happened. All special and funny SPORTS moments of the past weeks of September will pass by in this summary.

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