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Puur Noord | Episode 17 | Animo, Business Development Friesland, Studio Jurjen Backer Dirks

    Puur Noord

    Episode 17: Animo, Business Development Friesland, Studio Jurjen Backer Dirks

    First aired: Tuesday, 29 September 2015 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode of Puur Noord Menno Bakker presents Reinder Schortinghuis of Animo, Lennard Drogendijk of BDF and Jurjen Backer Dirks, founder and owner of Studio Keith Backer Dirks.

    In Puur Noord of September 29 Reinder Schortinghuis joins the table. As director of Animo in Assen, he delivers coffee and tea making professional use for both national and international. Since February 2013 Schortinghuis is working for the company, and will also tell how Animo advantage of the hype surrounding the coffee culture.


    Also at the table Keith Backer Dirks, owner of Studio Jurjen Backer Dirks and advertising photographer from Harlingen. Working for advertising companies throughout the Netherlands and started for himself in 2011, after years of learned the trade from the famous Frisian photographer Marten Aukes. He will be Harlinger tell about the call of the sea.


    And Lennard Drogendijk BDF comes along. BDF stands for Business Development Friesland and as director of the company and Inqubator, Drogendijk is the cradle of many young start-ups in the Frisian business. To him the honor to tell you about the opportunities and threats faced by these young entrepreneurs.


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