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Proeftijd | Episode 5 | Chateaubriand with stroganoff sauce


    Episode 5: Chateaubriand with stroganoff sauce

    First aired: Tuesday, 29 September 2015 at 17.32 hours

    In this episode of Proeftijd we’re guests at buffet restaurant ‘de Schaopwas’ in Eext. Owner Erik Rossing shows us how to make a delicious, classic stroganoff sauce.

    Buffet restaurant ‘de Schaopwas’ is situated in a beautiful old farm, next to a naturally developed peat lake. Erik Rossing cooks a delicious piece of meat, chateaubriand from the Drentse weiderund.

    This particular meat was initiated by the Jansen family, in collaboration with ABZ Anloo. We are shown the fields of Staatsbosbeheer in Deurze, where the cows graze. At slaughterhouse ABZ in Anloo, the animals are butchered in an artisan way.  
    Butcher Gert Maring tells us about his craftsmanship.

    We collect the ingredients of the stroganoff sauce at Landwinkel Goense in Marwijksoord. At Landwinkel Goense a lot of regional products are sold, and they produce food as well. We collect our vegetables there, and try an apple: fresh from the tree!

    Then it’s time for us to return to Eext. Owner Erik has another surprise: the dinner is cooked and served on a very special location. Time for Proeftijd!

    Website: http://www.schaopwas.nl, http://www.abz-anloo.nl, http://www.fruitbedrijfgoense.nl
    Facebook: Schaopwas, Abzanloo, Fruitbedrijf-landwinkel-goense
    Twitter: @Schaopwas @DrentsGoed

    Dish: Chateaubriand with a classical Stroganoff sauce

    The ingredients:
    1 red paprika
    1 green paprika
    1 spring onion
    1 onion
    6 medium sized mushrooms
    a branch let parsley
    tomato purée
    100 grams bacon
    paprika powder
    4 garlic cloves
    cooking cream
    pepper and salt
    Tabasco and Worcester sauce

    Put the butter in a pan. When the butter is hot, desour it with two spoons of tomato purée. It makes the flavor a little softer. Stir for two minutes. Add the chopped paprika, onion, mushrooms, bacon and a tablespoon of paprika powder.
    Cook on a medium fire. The vegetables should still have a bite. Add a slug of vodka and, at the same time, make contact with the fire in order to flambé the sauce. This is an art, if you have doubts, don’t do it. Add the garlic and the spring onion, followed by the cooking cream. Let it thicken.
    Add flavor by adding Worcester sauce, Tabasco, salt and pepper. Add a little parsley and your sauce is ready!
    There are a lot of different versions of this classical sauce. You can add some ingredients or leave some, but the paprika always remains the basis of the stroganoff sauce.

    In combination with a Chateaubriand the sauce will make a delicious dish. But it makes a great combination with other types of meat as well.

    About this program:

    Proeftijd is a program where we look for local recipes and products from the North of the Netherlands in combination with special stories that involve food & lifestyle.

    In the program Proeftijd, the focus lays on food and the origin of products from the region, but also about the stories behind a recipe from the region. A dish from grandma's kitchen or perhaps you invented a recipe yourself? During the program we look for tasty food from the region in combination with a special story.

    In every episode a recipe from the northern region is the lead. We examine what products are processed in the dish and where they come from. Perhaps the program inspires you to prepare dishes from the north yourself!

    In short, it is time to try and taste food and dishes from the North of the Netherlands.

    Do you know, or are you someone who can make the most delicious meals with products from the northern region and an interesting story?

    Proeftijd, From 1st of September, everyday at 17.30 hours at Podium.TV