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Zwart Wit (Black White) | Episode 44 | Jacques Monasch

    Zwart Wit (Black White)

    Episode 44: Jacques Monasch

    First aired: Friday, 2 October 2015 at 18.32 hours

    In This episode of Zwart Wit: although he was born in Friesland and nowadays lives in Sneek, Jacques Monasch is a world citizen. The familiair bloodline of the PVDA-MP runs all the way to Poland, where an ancestor was chief rabbi of Warschau.

    As a child he grew up in Tanzania and Ethiopië where his father worked as a surgeon in multiple hospitals. Monasch : 'I used to walk to school as a kid and smelled the scent of corpses and saw the dead bodies of lepers on the side of the road'. That image helped make him aware that you have to do something about the world.
    But Monasch, who later studied in England, is also an entrepreneur. He did international art trade and owned a gallery in Oekraïn. In politics he didn't remain within the land borders as well, he was involved in the development of the ANC, the American elections of 1996 and he was an adviser of political campaigns for the PVDA in the Netherlands and Europe. Monasch is an driven politician who wants to make the world a better place, starting in Sneek.

    About this program:

    A good conversation in Zwart Wit. Interesting, controversial and fascinating.

    Jan van Friesland has a long TV career and therefore extensive experience in the world of television. His career began for him in 1981 with Koos Postema. In the past 30 years he worked among others on programs such as Klasgenoten, Jongbloed en Joosten, Sonja, Achter het Nieuws, Buitenhof, Van Dis and NOS Journaal.

    All the guests of the program Zwart Wit have their own story. A story has always two sides. In Zwart Wit these different sides are going to be discussed.