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Puur Noord | Episode 21 | Jan Schutrups, Mieke Bouwens, Ben Woldring

    Puur Noord

    Episode 21: Jan Schutrups, Mieke Bouwens, Ben Woldring

    First aired: Tuesday, 6 October 2015 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode of Puur Noord presenter Menno Bakker gets a visit from Jan Schutrups, owner Schutrups shoes, podiatrist and forensic podiatrist, Mieke Bouwens, owner of training office Mieke Bouwens and Ben Woldring, CEO & Founder Group Bencom.

    In Puur Noord of October 6th  Menno Bakker gets a visit from Jan Schutrups, owner of Schutrups Shoes in Exloo. Jan's history is striking; podiatrist if he has ensured that the shoe store has become a leader in the supply of footwear that is perfectly tailored to the customer. He is also a forensic podiatrist involved in various police investigations. More than enough material for a good conversation!


    Also at the table: Mieke Bouwens, owner of training bureau Mieke Bouwens and initiator of Gear Time, a conference for employers to be held in De Harmonie in Leeuwarden on 28 October. Besides her own work, this conference will also be dealt with extensively. What is the purpose, what are the expectations?


    And Ben Woldring, the man behind the successful Bellen.com, the comparison website for mobile operators. The site was so successful that Ben got the opportunity to develop further and the phenomenon of 'comparison' made a flight. He now owns and manages Bencom and many comparison sites. What is he doing more and is the business still just as good? We're going to see it in Puur Noord.


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