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Puur Noord | Episode 23 | Police officer, Nederlandsche Tram Maatschappij, Postbank, Denderz

    Puur Noord

    Episode 23: Police officer, Nederlandsche Tram Maatschappij, Postbank, Denderz

    First aired: Thursday, 8 October 2015 at 17.00 hours

    The presentation is in the hands of Annette Timmer, Dick Jansen or Menno Bakker, who each receive guests on a regular evening out their own field. On Tuesday Menno Bakker have northern companies to visit. On Wednesday Annette Timmer takes her guests in conversation about art and culture. The Thursday and Friday episode will be presented by Dick Jansen. He talks to you about current topics. Known and less known, the table guests have all different background story. But they have one thing in common: an extraordinary story.

    Police officer retiresp
    Wouter de Vries was seen on tv for years as a police advisor. Now he has quit doing that. He got involved with the police in his late working life. First he was a police officer and later got into advising. As police spokesman the work isn't always easy. It's about finding a balance between giving the right information and not saying too much that could cause damage in the research. But he also had to be there when an accident happened to talk to the press. In those moments it's hard to stay professional.

    Nederlandsche Tram Maatschappij
    Once dozens of steam- or diesel trains rode around in the north of the Netherlands. They were small trains who maintained the connections between the smaller places. All those train lines were replaced by bus lines during the years.  Frank Hemkes has always been a big fan of trains but when he moved to the tram dike in Lemmer his curiosity took over him and he went out looking for information on these tram lines. Especially the ones that went from Lemmer to Sneek. He goes out to give readings
    about it regularly.

    An outcome for people with children and for people who don't like children. If this plan works out it's in favor of everyone. Meeting place Denderz will soon be reality. A place where you can walk in with your stroller and have a bite, a drink or go shopping. The children's barber pays a visit, you can check your e-mail and participate in a workshop while your neighbour joins in a baby shower. And at the end of the day you and your kids can have a healthy meal. The first kids conceptstore & family café in the North of the Netherlands. Make it happen!

    Website: www.crowdaboutnow.nl/denderz
    Facebook: Denderz

    At Friday October 9th is the first Postbank reunion in Citytheater Schaaf in Leeuwarden. The organisation went looked for banking couples and found enough couples who met at the Postbank and are still together. The reunion is meant for people who used to work there. The Postbank used to be one of the biggest employers in Friesland. It was the first job for many people after they finished school.

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