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Puur Noord | Episode 24 | Knypster Merke, Friezen op de planken, Stiefkiekn and Bruno Rummler

    Puur Noord

    Episode 24: Knypster Merke, Friezen op de planken, Stiefkiekn and Bruno Rummler

    First aired: Friday, 9 October 2015 at 17.00 hours

    The presentation is in the hands of Annette Timmer, Dick Jansen or Menno Bakker, who each receive guests on a regular evening out their own field. On Tuesday Menno Bakker have northern companies to visit. On Wednesday Annette Timmer takes her guests in conversation about art and culture. The Thursday and Friday episode will be presented by Dick Jansen. He talks to you about current topics. Known and less known, the table guests have all different background story. But they have one thing in common: an extraordinary story.

    Knypster Merke
    The Knypster Merke is a party for everyone. Some things are traditional, others are renewing. People who don't live in 'de Knipe' can mostly enjoy things on Saturday and Sunday. They can enjoy a show, autocross, performances, a playbackshow and several games for kids amongst other things.

    Website: www.knypstermerke.nl

    Friezen op de planken
    FriezenOpDePlanken is the platform for and by Frisian artists. From troudabour to story teller, from magician to rockband. The goal of this event is to raise more attention for Frisian artists. That's why 10 great events are put on the FrieslandAgenda each week. And  ofcourse everything is taken care of at a good party. From stage rental to security, from catering to sanitair. Those people also take part in FriezenOpDePlanken. The audience of this event is people who go out and booking organisations.

    [b]Website: www.friezenopdeplanken.nl

    Stiefkiekn...in 't Duuster
    In the woods of Westerbork you can experience Stiefkieken in't duster on october 10th. In the woods are more than 10 living statues who each has good lighting on them and are accompanied by a lot of storytellers. The start is between 8PM and 10PM from Westerbork. Stiefkiek'n in't duuster is organised by St. zomeractiviteiten and the St. Magisch Volksvermaak Drenthe.

    Website: www.stiefkiekn.nl

    Bruno Rummler
    Music from Bruno Rummler as well this week. He's an entertainer and singer. He plays his guitar, sometimes armored with his basedrumplank, covers and his own songs. He's the new troubadour from Friesland and brings his songs with energy. He know him from the Frisian song Simmer Yn Fryslan and he was a contestant on Liet.

    Website: http://www.brunorummler.com

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