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Proeftijd | Episode 7 | Maus uut Grunn


    Episode 7: Maus uut Grunn

    First aired: Tuesday, 13 October 2015 at 17.32 hours

    In this episode of Proeftijd Ben Offringa will show us what 'Maus uut Grunn' is. He received the old-fashion recipe from his mother-in-law and we will discover what products are used in this very special stew.

    Ben Offringa from Sleen has loved typical Dutch potato stew with kale since he was a young boy. But his mother-in-law, raised in Groningen, served him Maus uut Grunn. Ben thought it didn’t even look like potato stew but surprisingly enough it tasted really well. Ben and Ria still eat it from time to time. The dish as Ben makes it is after the traditional recipe of his mother-in-law and is quite an old recipe. The type of meat in the recipe is used very little nowadays. We go to the artisan butcher in the nearby village of Schoonoord. He explains us what kind of meat is used. Furthermore, we visit the community garden of Diphoorn. There we leave with kale, but also with a good story. Then, at last, it’s time for us to try this unusual dish.

    Website: Slagerij-knolDorps tuin diphoorn
    Twitter: @DorpstuinDip

    Dish: 'Maus uut Grunn'

    Fresh kale
    Two cups of groats
    Fresh sausage
    Pig’s paw, dried and salted. Put it in water for a night. Refresh the water before you go to bed en rinse off in the morning.
    Groninger mustard
    Boiled, crumbling potatoes

    1. Boil the pig’s paw slowly and put it away
    2. Rip the fresh kale and boil in water with a little salt. Cook for approximately an hour and a half.
    3. Slowly cook the groats, sausage and the pig’s paw for about half an hour/hour. The whole should be smooth.
    4. Subsequently stew the groats and the sausage with the kale for another half hour.
    5. Use the bouillon from the pig’s paw as a basis for the mosterdstip. Prepare it with flour, Groninger mustard and butter.
        Let it simmer shortly.
    6. Cut the meat and sausage and serve apart from the boiled potatoes, kale and mosterdstip.

    Don’t think about calories and enjoy!

    About this program:

    Proeftijd is a program where we look for local recipes and products from the North of the Netherlands in combination with special stories that involve food & lifestyle.

    In the program Proeftijd, the focus lays on food and the origin of products from the region, but also about the stories behind a recipe from the region. A dish from grandma's kitchen or perhaps you invented a recipe yourself? During the program we look for tasty food from the region in combination with a special story.

    In every episode a recipe from the northern region is the lead. We examine what products are processed in the dish and where they come from. Perhaps the program inspires you to prepare dishes from the north yourself!

    In short, it is time to try and taste food and dishes from the North of the Netherlands.

    Do you know, or are you someone who can make the most delicious meals with products from the northern region and an interesting story?

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