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Puur Noord | Episode 27 | Healthcare sector, foodbanks ánd a nature movie about Noorderplantsoen

    Puur Noord

    Episode 27: Healthcare sector, foodbanks ánd a nature movie about Noorderplantsoen

    First aired: Thursday, 15 October 2015 at 17.00 hours

    Changes in the healthcare sector, do the food banks have to close ánd a nature movie about the Noorderplantsoen

     Renewed supports in De Fryske Marren
    With all the changes in the care sector caregivers are being given a bigger part. That's why it's important that caregivers and volunteers are still taking satisfaction out of their job and whether they can keep it up or not. Employers, the community and care offerers can help them keep this up. The community De Fryske Marren is having a talk with the caregivers to sketch a clear image of the facts and the expectations. What do they expect for the coming times?

    Hilco Jansma is biologist and makes nature movies. Not from far trips to Africa or the rain forrests in Southern America but very normal, almost in the backyard. Hilco made a movie about the nature in the Noorderplantsoen in Groningen. Naturefilms are not or barely directable. It's about having a lot of patience and having to deal with disappointments because you missed 'the' moment. The ´jungle' is often closer than you think.

    Ulfert Molenhuis has had a very interesting and active working life. As trooper he was responsible for the security of different palaces owned by the royal family. As a detective he's solved murders and he was a crime fighter. Next to his busy work schedule he was a volunteer at the food bank in Vries. Ulfert has a clear opinion on where the food banks stand in this society and how we should change that. The food banks have to close, only then can we learn to share again.

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