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SPORT | Episode 100 | Soccer, volleyball & survival run


    Episode 100: Soccer, volleyball & survival run

    First aired: Monday, 19 October 2015 at 17.00 hours

    The volleyball season will start this weekend for VC Sneek and Abiant Lycurgus. Also much soccer this epsiode of SPORT including vv Staphorst - HZVV and Harkemase Boys - SVZW, but also other soccer results of the past weekend. Wewent to the Caveman Challenge this weekend and we speak with Pieter Jan Postma about his upcoming and already third participation at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

    Soccer: vv Staphorst - HZVV
    Both Staphorst as HZVV currently stand in the middle of rankings  in the current overall standings. If both teams want to play in the top, they have to wake-up now and start winning some games. Last week HZVV lost with 1-2 at home against DOS'37 and Staphorst won with 0-1 in Urk. This week, Staphorst has the home advantage and will have to defend its goal against a very motivated HZVV.

    Facebook: HZVV & vv Staphorst
    Twitter: @HZVV () & @vvstaphorst

    Soccer: Harkemase Boys - SVZW
    Harkemase Boys is on the right track and is currently in third place in the overall standings, with only one point difference on Excelsior'31. In contrary to SVZW, because they are having a rough start to the season. The team from Hoogeveen has to start making some points if they don’t wnat to end up in the relegation  danger zone. Last week they played a draw, at home against ACV and Harkemase Boys won with 2-3 against VVOG. It will be a difficult task for SVZW this coming Saturday in Harkema, but maybe they will surprise us.

    Facebook: SVZW & Harkemase Boys
    Twitter: @SVZW & @HarkemaseBoys

    Soccer: Standings and Results
    This weekend several soccer clubs from our region will come to action. In our soccer section we  show the positions and results in combination with a number of goals of the matches SWZ Boso Sneek - HBS, Excelsior Maassluis - HHC Hardenberg and ACV - VVOG.

    Facebook: SWZ Boso SneekHHC Hardenberg & ACV
    Twitter: @SneekWitZwart, @HHCHardenberg & @acvassen

    Volleyball: Abiant Lycurgus - Inter Rijswijk & VC Sneek - Landstede volleyball
    The volleyball competitions will start this weekend and traditionally it was opened during the Super Cup match in Doetinchem last week. Normally, the battle for the Super Cup is between the national champions and cup winners. However Landstede from Zwolle won both awards and therefore Lycurgus also played during the Super Cup match. Both the ladies from Sneek as the men from Groningen won and went home full self-assurance. A good start is half the work they say sometimes and who knows, maybe this coming weekend during the first matches this will come true for both teams.

    Facebook: VC SneekAbiant Lycurgus volleybal
    Twitter: @vsneek & @Lycurgus

    Survival Run: Caveman Challenge
    This year the second edition of the Caveman Challenge Series will take place in Exloo. Participants can choose from three fun distances: 6.66 km, 13.13 km or 19.19 kilometers. participant should certainly not be afraid to get dirty. Especially the 13.13 kilometer distance is very popular. Many people who participated last year set the bar higher compared to last year. Also this time dozens of obstacles are placed in the area between Exloo and Valthe. Furthermore, they use natural obstacles such as a water ditch where participants need to dredge thrue hundreds of meters.

    Facebook: Caveman Challenge
    Website: http://cavemanchallenge.nl

    Road to Rio: Pieter-Jan Postma
    For the remainder of the year 2015 Pieter-Jan Postma will spend only seven more days in the Netherlands.  One of these precious days we were allowed to speak with him and we followed him during the National sail championchips in Medemblik. Pieter-Jan Postma comes from Leeuwarden and lives by his motto; "Follow your heart and make your dreams a reality!" . One of his dreams is to win the Olympic Games and that is his goal during the games in Rio de Janeiro next year. It is already the third time that Postma participate at the Olympic games and maybe this third time he gets  lucky!

    Facebook: Pieter-Jan Postma
    Twitter: @PieterJanPostma, @Topzeilen
    Website: www.pieterjanpostma.nl

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