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Puur Noord | Episode 31 | Nachtvlinder, Sesi and Nacht van de Nacht.

    Puur Noord

    Episode 31: Nachtvlinder, Sesi and Nacht van de Nacht.

    First aired: Thursday, 22 October 2015 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode of Puur Noord Dick Jansen receives at the table Tet Rozendal; singer, actress and writer. She will talk about her solo performance the Nachtvlinder. Nynke de Vries talks about her book Sesi. Sesi gives a beautiful picture of life on the (Friese) countryside during the Second World War. Judith Boekel talks about Nacht van de Nacht and why it is so important to switch the light off.

    Tet Rozendal is a singer, actress and writer. The versatility of its activities offer its infinite possibilities to create ever new worlds.She wrote, produced and performed three successful solo performances. She knows her performances to delight its loyal and growing audience and inspire.In addition to its own productions, she played different roles in Theatre and TV series. After successful performances of Marlene Dietrich, Wonder Physicians and Mata Hari "Moth" a poignant musical theater show about the search for true, unconditional love. After a broken relationship Tet went to London to break free of old patterns and to search for the source of true love. She learned the lesson that she wanted to learn; Loving and letting go.

    Website: www.tetrozendal.com
    Facebook: Tet Rozendal

    70 years after World War II
    On November 11th 1937 Seakle de Vries departed to work at the Batavian Petroleum Maatschappij (BPM) to the Dutch East Indies. In a letter to his sister Magnesite (then 20 years), he asked to write about what they are going through as a young innkeeper's daughter during the war years in Pingjum, a village in Friesland. Seakle and his wife Brandie in their turn notes into India. Magnesite regularly asks herself in her daily notes on how it goes with Seakle. In this book included passages from the letters of Seakle and his wife. Seakle, Brandie, Magnesite, and brother Sipke found it very important to write about life. To write to tell by events. Nynke also Sietske de Vries, the daughter of Quartzite, important finds, and she has the notebooks of her mother carefully kept all these years.

    In this book, she has ranked the notes of her mother to a number of themes and combined with the letters Seakle and Brandie. In this way a picture of that period in which the war everything is tangible and what it's about right and wrong, but also about ordinary life, the entertainment and preoccupied with the future. The book is richly illustrated with photographs.

    Sesi time gives a beautiful picture of life on the (Friese) countryside during the Second World War.

    Night of the Night
    Lighting is one of the most dramatic changes in our environment. Assimilation lamps in greenhouses, security spotlight in gardens, dense lit roads, xenon projections on building facades, white-lit tennis courts and billboards along every highway. Light seems to be an inherent side effect of urbanization and the 24-hour economy. In an industrialized area of Western Europe, it is virtually impossible to find even places where the sky is really dark.
    Netherlands has been weighed and found wanting

    Every year millions of euros are wasted through inefficient lighting. Light pollution forms, as well as noise and odor, an attack on the environment. Not only do people suffer from too much light. For most animals, it is a disaster. Most species in the Netherlands are active at night and if you bunch suddenly enlightened change all the balances. Suddenly you can see prey you or you yourself visible. Lighting is often referred to as advertising, but in a conscious society, the anti-advertising.

    How light is the Netherlands?

    Website: http://www.nachtvandenacht.nl


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