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Puur Noord | Episode 32 | Nederlands Stripmuseum, Op alle fronten and the Thoothbrushing week

    Puur Noord

    Episode 32: Nederlands Stripmuseum, Op alle fronten and the Thoothbrushing week

    First aired: Friday, 23 October 2015 at 17.00 hours

    Today in Puur Noord Jan Willem de Vries talks about the Dutch Strip Museum, the new Asterix, Akke Hofstee of GGD Friesland tells how important it is for children to properly brush your teeth in the teeth brushing week in primary and Inez Timmer comes with a new solo performance next week will premiere "On all fronts".

    Dutch Stripmuseum
    In Dutch Stripmuseum meets your comic and animated heroes, past and present. Nowhere else will you find such a large collection of original comic strips, comic books, games, movies and more!

    In the Comic Museum you can see for example how a comic is created. You discover this on the basis of real drawings and sketches, but you can also watch the shoulders of well-known artists through video installations.

    Jan Willem de Vries talks about the launch of a new Asterix which took place from Wednesday to Thursday.

    Website: http://www.stripmuseum.nl/ 

    Thoothbrushing week
    From 26 to October 30, 2015 GGD Fryslân organized in collaboration with the dental assistant training of the ROC Friese Poort Frisian Brushing Week. Food and brushing teeth belong together. A good brush is and remains the basis for a good oral health, along with healthy eating.

    Website: http://www.ggdfryslan.nl/tandenpoetsweek

    Inez Timmer plays: On all fronts
    Lale Andersen and Lili Marleen.
    In this performance makes you very personally acquainted with the passion of Lale Andersen, its uncertainty and torn between her love for a Jewish composer, her career and her children. We follow her from her first tentative steps on stage to the overwhelming success of Lili Marleen, the song that actually grew through a series of coincidences into a world. Andersen's life was an adventurous tightrope walk between carelessness, anxiety, adjustment and success.

    It is an evening that makes you happy and at the same time to tears moves. Enthralled and fascinated the audience to experience the various stages of a unique artistic career that is inseparable from the song that went around the world in 1941; "Lili Marleen", the "go-getter song" of the army radio station Radio Belgrade. Where does the innocence of a song, the hit anthem of the Second World War, sung by friend and foe with enthusiasm? This performance is a journey of blissful intensity.

    Inez Timmer interprets its role as Lale Andersen all facets of this controversial singer. The role of the pianist / accordionist played by Tseard Nauta and Peter van der Zwaag (alternately).

    Website: http://www.ineztimmer.eu
    Facebook: Inez Timmer

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