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SPORT | Episode 101 | Sport from the North.


    Episode 101: Sport from the North.

    First aired: Monday, 26 October 2015 at 17.00 hours

    In SPORT on Monday the focuss lays on various sports and athletes from the regions Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe and Overijssel. We bring you the latest news about sports and special sport performances. We also pay attention to top athletes on their way to the Olympic Games in rio de Janeiro in 2016 and we look closer to the story behind the athletes who come from the north of the Netherlands.

    Soccer: Harkemase Boys - Urk
    Harkemase Boys is doing well. The team of coachJan vlap is now in third place in the league, but has played one game less than the numbers one and two. It might happen that the Boys will climb to the top after this match against Urk. Last week Harkemase Boys won with 4-1 from SVZW. And although the results suggest otherwise, the first half was not very good. Goalkeeper Erick Jansema dragged his team through the difficult initial phase by stopping two penalties.

    Facebook: Harkemase Boys, Urk
    Twitter: Harkemase Boys

    Basketball: Aris - Amsterdam
    Aris Leeuwarden has a rather difficult start to the season. The team didn’t stand a chance last Saturday against Leiden. With 91-60 Aris was sent home. A few days later, the team of coach Michael Schuurs said farewell to Desharick Guidry. The American couldn’t make an impression in the first two games. Fortunately Jan van der Kooij wil join Aris coming Saturday. Two years ago the forward played with Aris and with his arrival the current narrow selection will become less vulnerable. Let's hope that this will show coming weekend.

    Facebook: Aris, Apollo Amsterdam
    Twitter:  Aris Leeuwarden, BC Appollo

    Volleyball: Abiant Lycurgus - Landstede volleyball
    Lycurgus started the competition full confidence. They won the first game of the season with  3-1 from Inter Rijswijk with the following sets; 25-16, 25-13, 18-25 and 25-20. The team of coach Arjan Taaij will compete against current champion Landstede volleyball from Zwolle this coming weekend. Two weeks ago, both teams already faced each other in the fight for the Super Cup. That game was won by Lycurgus. Can the team from Groningen repeat this result?

    Facebook: Abiant Lycurgus 
    Twitter: @Lycurgus_volley

    Chess: Chess Tournament in Hoogeveen Hoogeveen Reportage
    The Hoogeveen Chess Tournament is being held from Saturday 17th of October till the 24th. The tournament includes the Hoogeveen Matches, the Hoogeveen Open and two tournaments for amateurs. The Dutch participants in the Open tournament in Hoogeveen is led by a few active grandmasters: Erwin l'Ami, Benjamin Bok, Sipke Ernst and Jan Werle. But also youngest Dutch chess grandmaster in history, Jorden van Foreest. He will play against the famous grandmaster Jan Timman.

    Road to Rio: Reportage CTO in Heerenveen
    In this episode of SPORT a new "Road to Rio" section. This time we zoom in on the CTO in Heerenveen, which stands for the Centre for Elite Sport and Education. This foundation regulates all kinds of facilities for athletes in the North of the Netherlands, including housing and education. We follow Willem Veldman, Director of the CTO in Heerenveen, to find out what the CTO exactly does.

    Twitter: @TopsportNoord

    About this program:

    In SPORT on Monday we pay attention to various sports and athletes from the regions Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe and Overijssel. In SPORT we bring the latest news on sports and/or extraordinairy sports performances. We also pay attention to top athletes on their way to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and we dive deep into the stories behind the athletes that are from the north of the Netherlands with SPORT Document.

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