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Puur Noord | Episode 34 | B’ART 2016, Kunstenaarsboek Arjo Passchier, CD Countrified

    Puur Noord

    Episode 34: B’ART 2016, Kunstenaarsboek Arjo Passchier, CD Countrified

    First aired: Wednesday, 28 October 2015 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode Annette Timmer talks to Jan Germs on B'art 2016, with Geert Pruiksma about the work of Arjo Passchier and Francine Gardens about her new album of his own material.

    John Germs, born in Odoorn, is regional language officer and director of the Huus of Taol in Beilen. For this, he was nearly 27 years in the classroom in primary schools. He has written several books and on the Drenthe language, such Ok in the paradies bint zoere apples and I have beaten to death a nephew. He also made contributions to the B'art 2015 and the second edition, October 28 is presented. The B'art 2016 is again a cocky, cheeky and curious book. It allows text (Dutch and Drenthe) and image Drenthe Drenthe and see an unexpected way. At B'art event goes to start at the Drenthe Boeken10daagse.

    Website: http://www.huusvandetaol.nl

    Art / architectural historian Geert Pruiksma as producer, educator and author involved in various exhibition halls, educational institutions and publishers. Geert monthly guest in Pure North to tell what he noticed in his field. This time he focuses on Arjo Passchier from Groningen. She makes paintings, drawings and computer prints. She says: "The painting creates itself. I note and explain nothing. " On the occasion of its 25th anniversary artist published the book "It occurs ... rest silence".
    At Philip Elchers in Groningen is until Friday, November 6th a small exhibition with work of Arjo Passchier

    Website: http://www.arjopasschier.nl en http://www.philipelchers.nl

    Francien Gardens, born in Oosterwolde, won the in 1997 Dutch Jazz Vocalist Competition in Zwolle and graduated one year later at the Groningen Conservatory. Then she performed and recorded with her own quintet and quartet, with big bands, symphony orchestras and guitarist Jesse van Ruller. She is professor of singing at the Prince Claus Conservatorium in Groningen and lecturer at Codarts, the Rotterdam Conservatory.
    "Countrified" is the title of her new 7th CD, which she herself wrote all the lyrics and the music of four songs.

    Website: http://www.francienvantuinen.com

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