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Puur Noord | Episode 35 | Romee Witte, Isabel Nolte and Anton Felipa

    Puur Noord

    Episode 35: Romee Witte, Isabel Nolte and Anton Felipa

    First aired: Thursday, 29 October 2015 at 17.00 hours

    Who will follow Jochem Meyjer at the Groningen students caberet festival. Romee White, president, talks about the highlights of the festival. Cabaret performer Isabel Nolte tells why she is participating in the festival and why she joined the Voice of Holland. Furthermore, Anton Felipa talks about over the 48 hour film project.

    Groningen Student Cabaret Festival
    The highlight of the twenty-ninth Groningen Student Cabaret Festival will take place on 4, 5 and 6 November 2015 this year. Even now the City Theatre in Groningen will be the scene for this great cabaret show! After a long period of preparation these days will be the icing on the cake for the six semi-finalists of the Groningen Student Cabaret Festival.

    On Thursday evening falls for three semi-finalists the canvas, the professional jury will decide this evening who Friday will shine in the grand finale of the Groningen Student Cabaret Festival. Friday will be the audience for the last time from the chairs are blown by the finalists of the Groningen Student Cabaret Festival and then the Jury Award will Personality Prize and the Audience Prize will be awarded.

    The Groningen Student Cabaret Festival revolves around the participants, but there will also every evening a guest appearance by a comedian who has already earned his spurs in the theater. Besides these three days at the City Theatre Groningen, the Groningen Student Cabaret Festival even more to offer. Thus, prior to the festival an extended tryout tour, concluding with just as high finalists tour.

    Isabel Nolte
    Currently Isabel semifinalist at the Groningen Student Cabaret Festival and opens the second phase training at the Koningstheater Academy in Den Bosch.

    A girl, a guitar and a suitcase full of stories. Isabel Nolte's way. From her childhood in Germany for a time as a student in the Netherlands and one adventure after another. In her theater she takes the audience through songs and anecdotes on a journey through her head and heart. It is sometimes said that Germans have no sense of humor. Isabel you prove the contrary. Her naive character puts her in the most impossible situations and you may ask frequently: "Wo ist mein Fahrrad" pardon "! ... Der Bahnhof", or maybe "... the next stop?". Bizarre, funny and touching encounters provide an evening which will take you on a journey. Where? Isabel will tell. She is underway.

    Website: https://isabelnolte.wordpress.com/

    The 48 Hour Film Project is a competition where teams of filmmakers, a genre, a character, a prop and get a dialogue assigned, and 48 hours have to be processed to create in a short film with those elements. Shortly after making the 48 hour film, the films from each city will be screened in the city where they were created. The project was inspired by 24 Hour Plays.

    Website: 48 hour Film Project, 48uur Leeuwarden

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