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Puur Noord | Episode 36 | Magisch Samhein, Fest der Blasmusik, Popronde and music from Martijje.

    Puur Noord

    Episode 36: Magisch Samhein, Fest der Blasmusik, Popronde and music from Martijje.

    First aired: Friday, 30 October 2015 at 17.00 hours

    Today, at the table in Puur Noord Chris Moorman tells about Popronde in the northern cities. Wubbe Shoemaker talks about a "Magic Samhain in Bourtange and Ben Raterink tells of a unique for the Netherlands brass band music festival 1st Fest der Blasmusik. And we have music of singer-songwriter Martijje.

    Popronde is a national traveling festival during the period from September to November in some 40 cities across the country. In 2015 Popronde settles in 38 cities: Leeuwarden to Middelburg, from Venlo to Alkmaar and van Deventer to Den Haag, no city is safe! In every city one evening are performing 35 emerging Dutch bands and artists on a twenty stages. Participating venues include cafes, galleries, theaters, record stores, churches and clubs in the center of a town. One evening in the year they are the showcase for the new generation of pop musicians and is the center the festival grounds.

    Popronde is (as yet) to give unknown bands the opportunity to present themselves outside the region and intensive tour and play to gain experience. The programming is not tied to any style of music and gives an overview of what to live music area - outside the mainstream to - done in the Netherlands. From metal to hip hop, from singer-songwriters to drum 'n bass, from rock to blues, almost every genre is represented. Annually + - selected 135 bands from around 1300 entries. Popronde is a showcase festival and definitely contains no element of competition!

    Popronde takes place in a circuit of easily accessible locations that differ in size and atmosphere. This makes it possible for one night, free check many bands. The emphasis is not on "names or triggers", but in a diverse, varied and high quality program. In this way will the audience attractive to discover new bands in their own city in stages - which normally little or no programming - in between walking distance in atmospheric setting.

    Website: http://www.popronde.nl

    "Magic Samhain" in Bourtange
    Saturday October 31 and Sunday, November 1st Samhain is one of the oldest parties, it has been celebrated for thousands of years. For the Celts, this was also the beginning of the new year. The party is related to the season and the alternating cycle of life. The sky is gray patches, the earth is fragile and cold and the fields the last crops have been harvested. Winter looms on the horizon. During this period the earth can prepare for a new beginning.
    Elves, witches, druids, ghosts and demons from various dimensions will occupy the fortress town. It is a magical place and there exciting things happen.
    On the Saturday experience various artists on including Medusa, all in the beautiful portrayals of fantasy, fairy tales and all that can be creatively conceived. Fabela the jester is also present. On Sundays, you are welcomed by "Princess de La Pinq" on stilts, a wonderfully cute clown There are other magical figures and there is a magic market.

    This year we expect that our visitors are dressed up on Saturday.
    Anyone who is really dressed receive a discount on admission. For families we have made the event more attractive by selling family tickets for a magical low price.

    Website: http://www.bourtange.nl

    Fest der Blasmusik.
    An unique in the Netherlands brass band music festival: the 1st Fest der Blasmusik. From 12:00 occur four stages continuous 18 brass bands from north and east of the Netherlands and Germany in the famous musical styles: Moravian, Böhmisch, Egerländer and Oberkrainer.
    It promises to be a day where brass bands music lovers can alternate can refresh actively and passively to their favorite music and continuously from stage and chapel. A musical "TAKE" of musicians and listeners.
    In Meenthe offer two theaters, a large sports hall and foyer chapels an attractive and all technical resources provide platform to bring their music in the best way to sing. The visitors are not glued to the chair, they can rotate between the stages with every 30 minutes change of brass bands.
    The chapels, which represent groups of three to more than 20 musicians, are so varied that the whole range of Egerländer Oberkrainer music to this day will pass.
    To evoke the right atmosphere in the spirit of Ernst Mosch and Slavko Avsenik the halls and venues will be transformed into a fitting setting, and allows the organization a selection of appetizers and drinks.

    Smooth polkas, marches sleek and romantic waltzes - often supported by vocals - will sound during long hours at the festival for the public. For the hundreds of participating musicians it is a learning day, a day to listen to and enjoy.

    This festival ends with a concert by the absolute top orchestra in the Egerländer wind music in the Netherlands: Herman Engelbertinck und seine Musikanten Egerländer.
    From 20.00 hours playing this wonderful, consisting of professional musicians, orchestra in the theater in the Meente.

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