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Puur Noord | Episode 38 | Arnold Veeman, Douwe Draaisma and Natasja Bennink

    Puur Noord

    Episode 38: Arnold Veeman, Douwe Draaisma and Natasja Bennink

    First aired: Wednesday, 4 November 2015 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode talks Annette Arnold Timmer Veeman about his new CD and theater "Klaai" with Draaisma about dreams of flying and Gerrit Krol and Natasja Bennink about her bronzes.

    Arnold Veeman from Kloosterburen is a composer, arranger and musician. In 2012 he went for a documentary to Suriname to look for his father's family. The trip made a lot of loose. The new theater "Klaai" Veeman goes in search of the home feeling in the music. At his eponymous CD stand as usual Groningen compositions sung, but now provided with a dash of Surinamese influences swinging, jazzy, upbeat and diverse.

    Website: http://www.arnoldveeman.com

    Douwe Draaisma is professor of psychology and historical writer. A few years ago he became fascinated by dreams. He discovered that there are few processes in our head are as puzzling as dreams. In his book "The dream weaver" (2013) he brings the dream research of the past century map. In Puur Noord, he talks about current findings. What causes eg flying dreams?

    Website: http://www.douwedraaisma.nl

    Natasja Bennink from Ezinge is a sculptor and teacher at the Classical Academy.
    She makes life-size bronze sculptures, which often represent female figures. Firm, grounded images, with a quick touch and a lot of expression. During Ameland Art Month, from October 31 t / m November 29, Cherish is the desire to dunes rising Ballum and exhibits them smaller work in the town hall. And recently published the book From kiss king, images Natasja Bennink 2010-2015. The official presentation was in Antwerp, where they t / m November 29 the solo exhibition Quand on n'a que l'amour has at Galerie Van Campen and Rochtus.

    Website: http://www.natasjabennink.com, http://www.kunstmaandameland.com

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