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Puur Noord | Episode 39 | Food and Lifestyle

    Puur Noord

    Episode 39: Food and Lifestyle

    First aired: Thursday, 5 November 2015 at 17.00 hours

    This episode of Puur Noord is specifically dedicated to Food & Lifestyle. Dick Jansen talks with Jolijn Pelgrum about her new cookbook Vegadutchie. Johan Noorloos, yoga guru, talks about his new yoga method. He wrote a book about it and opened a yoga school. Martijn Kromkamp will talk about the Bootcamp Club and why an outdoor workout is so wonderful.

    Vegadutchie cookbook
    Jolijn Pelgrum's main objective is to show that a healthy lifestyle is very easy, accessible and above all fun. in June 2011 she started with a blog to share vegetable recipes with the rest of the Netherlands. In her vegan cookbook stand the most varied recipes.

    She took a one-year training program Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. The study is based on a holistic approach to health, which means that optimum health can only be achieved when diet, exercise, relationships, career, and spirituality in balance.

    Her best tip for a healthy life:
    Discover your own body. Only you can ensure that you get a healthy relationship with your body. Accept who you are and be kind to yourself. Make sure you feed yourself with good products, but do not be too hard and enjoy life. Spend lots of time with friends and move!

    Website: http://vegadutchie.nl/
    Facebook: Vegadutchie
    Twitter: @JolijnPelgrum

    Johan Noorloos
    In early November 2013 Johan sees a long-cherished wish come true: the school of his dreams opens its doors. Over the past decade, the yoga teacher in various fields built up a wealth of experience. With his teaching, training, lectures and books he was highly motivated to share his knowledge and insights. In his new dream it all comes together. A place where he himself once so was looking for and did not find where you know at entry: I'm not alone anymore.
    A school in the heart of Amsterdam, where yoga and meditation are practiced in an honest and professional manner. Where a wide variety of workshops, lectures and courses being offered. Where the community is at the heart of the school. Where you can meet in an inspiring home. Where, in addition to green tea and healthy meals, cappuccino and organic wine on the menu. Where you can be quiet in a beautiful garden. A place where we are there for each other to grow together in freedom and security.

    Website: http://denieuweyogaschool.nl
    Facebook: De Nieuwe Yogaschool

    The Boot Camp Club
    Early this century Bootcamp training is originated in the United States, a sport methodology based on the training routine of the US Army. These cardiovascular and muscle toning full body workout is for men and women and all sports levels accessible. With bootcamp workout you build your fitness, strength, flexibility and explosiveness on. A training includes running, interval training and fitness exercises and all of nature. Delicious training in the outdoors, back to basics! The Boot Camp Club is now in Heerenveen and Hoogezand. On Sunday, November 8th is the Kick-Off in Heerenveen and on Saturday, November 14th is the Kick-Off in Hoogezand.

    Website: https://thebootcampclub.nl/nl/
    Facebook: The Bootcamp Club Groningen, The Bootcamp Club Friesland

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