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Toneelmeesters | Episode 9 | Posthuis Theater Heerenveen


    Episode 9: Posthuis Theater Heerenveen

    First aired: Wednesday, 11 November 2015 at 17.32 hours

    In Toneelmeesters we take a look behind the scenes and this week we will take look at Posthuis Theatre in Heerenveen. With a tour through the building by Henk de Vries and an interview with the band Tangerine.

    The Posthuis Theater in Heerenveen consists of two parts: the old building that has been there since 1885 and the new part which was added during renovations in 2005. In the Jachtweide hall we talk to Henk de Vries about the location and his role in the theater. He guides us through this remarkable building. In the theater, we see how the band Tangerine is preparing the stage. Tangerine is a Dutch Folk duo and was in season 2013/2014 permanent house band at De Wereld Draait Door. In the dressing room we have a conversation with Arnout and Sander of the band. Also in this episode, there is another tip of the programmer.

    Posthuis Heerenveen

    About this program:

    Toneelmeesters is a program about one of many theaters in the north of our country. Dramatist Arno van der Heyden will look for all sorts of facts and the best performance . In Toneelmeesters we get a look behind the scenes at both large well-known theaters and small venues unknown.

    Franeker to Stadskanaal, each theater has its own story, identity and perspective on diversity of performing arts. From programmer to light engineer and from horizon to Copper Kees. Arno will take you behind the scenes and goes in search of the true masters of the stage. What wonderful performances this season are on the shelves and of works which we can really miss anything.

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