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Puur Noord | Episode 43 | Bakkerycompetition and cyclinfederation

    Puur Noord

    Episode 43: Bakkerycompetition and cyclinfederation

    First aired: Thursday, 12 November 2015 at 17.00 hours

    Bakers bake pastries for competition at the Baker Games in Drachten and children from primary schools are more often go to school by car. Kees Mourits wonders why children do not go cycling to school.

    Baker Contests
    For years, the finest showpieces be returned to the baker's Contests. You know how it still, the wedding cakes previous two editions of the beautiful pieces with the theme of winter. The finest and most creative ornamental pieces are made. Even the creators of these masterpieces are the finishing touches put to it during the surrender. On the show tables is the latest fantasy just put anything fixed or created. To give these top more time to think and then make the board wants the baker Contests like the theme already know these creations. This year's chosen theme Fashion!

    A very broad theme in which the maker can live it. Whether it is now being made with chocolate, bread dough, or in the form of confectionery, and more..., that does not matter. Who has the best finisher, the winner of the trophy and receives during the ceremony on Wednesday, November 11th 2015. But, as usual, be put this year all trims on the photo. Each participant receives a certificate.

    Website: http://bakkersvakwedstrijden.nl
    Facebook: Bakkersvakwedstrijden
    Twitter: @BakkersVakWed

    Cycling to school
    If it is need of the Frisian cyclists to bring Kees Mourits parents who bring their children to school every day and catch up with the car get the same warning as what stands on a pack of cigarettes.
    Many elementary school students can not ride well. Through the give and take with the car as they get the chance to. On the back seat of a car, they learn as Mourits nothing of traffic. Bikes must be second nature to children, and that you can only learn in practice by doing it a lot. Therefore the children better understand the traffic rules. The trick is to get parents out of the car. The Regional Organ Traffic Friesland (ROF) will organize on 18 November a knowledge afternoon in cooperation with the Cyclists that deals with behavior and traffic for teachers, parents and municipal traffic.


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